Infinity War Death Draft!

The Geeks love Death Drafts.  Having done one for last season’s Game of Thrones (and a Dream Team edition too!) the three podcasters and Jonathan (Jenny’s husband, but you knew that) decided to weigh in on who we thought would die in the latest Avengers movie.  Here’s how it went down as we drafted even while Watson was flying to Asia.  Let us know who you think will win!

Simpsons Did It!: “How I Wet Your Mother”

In which the Simpsons go all Inception-y to figure out Homer’s bedwetting problem.

Gabbing Geek 122: [SPOILERS]

This week’s episode is so spoiler-filled that we can’t even reveal the name in the episode list!  If you haven’t seen the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones then DO NOT LISTEN!  But once you have seen the season finale, come live…or die…through the highlights with the geeks!

Gabbing Geek 121: Sweet Streams Are Made Of These

There’s been a ton of news in the streaming video world: Netflix acquired Millarworld and lost Disney, then Robert Kirkman signed an exclusive deal with Amazon. What does it all mean for the future of geek content and how many monthly subscriptions are we going to have? Plus, we can’t let that fourth episode of Game of Thrones go by without talking about it, so we’re gabbing GoT once again!

Gabbing Geek 120: Game On!

We’re almost halfway through season 7 of Game of Thrones (“The math checks out!” – Watson) and we’re bringing you yet another special GoT themed episode. What do we think of the season so far, the deaths, the storylines, the killings, the character development, and the shocking murders? What are the most important rules for dealing with direwolves? What Westeros geography do you need to understand when talking about the Iron Fleet? All of that and updates on our Death Draft!