Going Through The DCAU Part Seventy

Jimmy and Tom start Justice League with “Secret Origins,” “In Blackest Night,” and “The Enemy Below”.

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The great 80s run of Suicide Squad continues.

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Going Through The DCAU Part Twenty-One

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Year In Anticipation: What We’re Looking Forward To In 2016

2016.  Did any of us think we’d live this long?  Yeah, probably.  We’re Geeks, not morbid. So, what sort of Geek Entertainment has us here at Gabbing Geek at least … Read More

Suicide Squad Tattoo Parlor Is Open And Ready For Business

Did you see the Suicide Squad pictures Director David Ayers tweeted on Wednesday from Harley’s Tattoo Parlour? Well if not, we have them for you. In full Harley Quinn makeup, Margot Robbie grabbed a gun and signed … Read More

The Numbers Indicates The Hype For Suicide Squad Is All About Daddy’s Little Monster…

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