Gabbing Geek 64: Geekdom Delayed Is Geekdom Denied

Join the geeks Ryan, Jimmy, Tom, and Watson (with Jenny on the text chat) as we talk about the Geekiest News of the Week including Comixology Unlimited, DC Rebirth, and Thor 3 casting news. Then we play a game about upcoming geek movies–which ones will miss their release date? Then, against all better judgment, we let Watson run a game of geek movie ROD (Rent, Own, Delete). Head after the break to listen or watch the latest episode!

The Best Comic Books To Read On Comixology Unlimited

Comixology Unlimited launched today and, like other all-you-can-consume media outlets, it can be a bit difficult to navigate the entire library to see what’s available. So this post is intended to be a list of the very best content that you can read for only $6 a month. Maybe it will help you decide if Comixology Unlimited is worth the free month and $6 after.

Secret Wars Rankings: Over Under Upside Down

One of the great things about all these Secret Wars crossovers is that so many are quality reads.  The quality varies of course.  Some are outstanding while others trail behind, but … Read More