Podcast Reaction: Defending Watson’s Wrong Opinion Edition

The Geeks discuss The Last Jedi, and Ryan is too quick on the trigger for the Price Is Right music cue.

Gabbing Geek 125: Jenny Won’t Watch The Star Wars Trailer

The whole gang is back together for the best episode ever! We start by covering Jenny’s cosplay adventures in Disneyland, then recap the Gabbing Geek squad’s dominance at trivia night before jumping into a trailer discussion of the New Mutants movie.  As the title suggests, Jenny won’t watch the new Star Wars trailer.  We talk about why and then play a game where Watson and Ryan take turns making Jenny choose between options as to what appeared in the trailer.  We don’t tell her the right answers so you shouldn’t either!

Gabbing Geek 124: Fall Of The Legends

With Jenny on vacation, Watson and Ryan gab about what happened to the Lego brand for movies with the flop of Ninjago and if that spells trouble for the future before taking a look at the remaining movies for the fall.  Besides the big three mega-movies coming out, what award bait and other films have the geeks excited?

Gabbing Geek 123: Geek Bets And Infernal Affairs

Inspired by Ryan winning one of our Geek Bets this week, the geeks all challenge each other to some new short-term (this year) and long-term (beyond) Geek Bets.  We’ve each bet each other on topics from Marvel and Star Wars movies to Game of Thrones release dates and the movie industry as a whole.  Find out who bet what and then listen to our thoughts on the latest Geek Re-Watch for Infernal Affairs!

Gabbing Geek 111: Geekonomics

You know what happens when Jenny goes on vacation leaving just Watson and Ryan to record a podcast? That’s right–numbers, numbers, numbers! In episode 111 (or 7 if you speak binary), the Y-chromosomes talk about manly things: our box office prediction game, how opening weekend multipliers have fallen over the last 20 years and what that means for the movie industry, and Watson leads a game of seeing whose box office is bigger.

2017: Year Of Anticipation

What’s coming out this year that might be worth our time?