Gabbing Geek 140: Infinity Whaaaaa?

The Geeks have made it through the Infinity War!  What did they think of the epic adventure?  Where is the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading?  Who will survive Watson’s latest trivia game?  And what did our crew think of Deadpool 2?  So much to gab about!

Gabbing Geek 139: Get Your Geek On

In our “What Are We Geeking On” segment, Ryan shares his experiences with Puffs, the Harry Potter Broadway parody that retells the Potter saga from the perspective of the Hufflepuffs while Jenny recounts her experiences with DC royalty and Star Wars creators at SXSW.  Watson tells the saddest story you’ll hear this week.  And you will laugh because it’s Watson.

Then the geeks get into the latest Infinity War trailer while we try to manage our excitement.  Is it April 26 yet???

Gabbing Geek 113: The Tony Awards!

With Jenny and Watson both out of town, Ryan gets to set the entire agenda for this week’s episode so of course we’re talking all about the Tony Awards!  Dear Evan Hansen, The Great Comet, Kevin Spacey, Ben Platt, and all the Broadway news you’ve been waiting for!  Enjoy!

Theater Geek: Lena Hall Is The Ultimate Hedwig

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is an amazingly complicated musical that just made history last weekend by having the Tony Award winning actress Lena Hall (who won for playing Yitzhak, Hedwig’s husband) take the helm as Hedwig. Ryan was there and needs to geek out about what he saw, so read on for the full mind-blowing experience. Pardon the interruption from Simpsons recaps and comic book reviews, but since Gabbing Geek is a celebration of all things geeky, we’re heading to the theater!

The Bandstand: The Most Compelling Musical You Shouldn’t See…Yet

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Gabbing Geek 56: Fangirl, Finally

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Gabbing Geek 54: Look Out

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