Going Through The DCAU Part Fifty-Five

Jimmy and Tom would be in Westeros, but instead went to future Gotham for a chat about the Batman Beyond episodes “Dead Man’s Hand,” “The Winning Edge,” and “Spellbound”.

Spoilers After The Break: Spider-Man #3 Review

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars 54 (House Of M Edition)

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXXVIII (One Shot Edition)

Because Secret Wars clearly didn’t have enough tie-ins, Marvel went and added some one shots. Ant-Man: Last Days, was basically the last issue of the 616 Ant-Man series and I’m not … Read More

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: DRAGON KITTY

Okay, Okay – you got us. This really isn’t cosplay, per say – but, it is a really awesome way to give your cat a shave during these hot summer … Read More