Ryan’s 2016 Movie Rankings

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Going Through The DCAU Part Twenty-Four

Jimmy and Tom discuss “The Lion and the Unicorn,” “Showdown,” and “Riddler’s Reform”.

Batsoup Ultimate Edition Trailer Makes You Want To See Batsoup Again?

Does the world need an R-Rated Batman/Superman movie? Can an R-Rated cut salvage this disappointing DC Films entry? Probably no to both, but we are getting it anyway. Trailer after the break.

What Are The Chances Captain America Civil War Outgrosses Batman V. Superman On Opening Weekend?

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Defending The Grade: Batsoup

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The Complete List Of Everything Right With Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

At last, Ryan has seen and reviewed the eponymous Batman Vs Kramer:  Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.  He didn’t like it. Well, it wasn’t good, but to be very … Read More