2016: Our Anticipations Revisted

364 days ago we looked at what we were anticipating in 2016. How did those things measure up?

Going Through The DCAU Part Twenty-Four

Jimmy and Tom discuss “The Lion and the Unicorn,” “Showdown,” and “Riddler’s Reform”.

Going Through The DCAU Part Twenty-Three

Jimmy and Tom cover “Catwalk,” “Bane,” and “Baby-Doll”.

Batsoup Ultimate Edition Trailer Makes You Want To See Batsoup Again?

Does the world need an R-Rated Batman/Superman movie? Can an R-Rated cut salvage this disappointing DC Films entry? Probably no to both, but we are getting it anyway. Trailer after the break.

Defending The Grade: Batsoup

Yesterday, the last of the Gabbing Geek crew, Ryan, finally saw Batman Vs. Superman Vs. All Common Sense.  He didn’t like it and left a long, often amusing, ever-expanding when … Read More

The Complete List Of Everything Right With Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

At last, Ryan has seen and reviewed the eponymous Batman Vs Kramer:  Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.  He didn’t like it. Well, it wasn’t good, but to be very … Read More

Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: April Fool’s, There Still Is One!

While Watson may have found a way to simulcast for a recent podcast, he still has not been able to make it into the office to actually, you know, do … Read More