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Every once in a while (its actually very common now…) the Gabbing Geek podcasters like to bet each other over geeky things.  Here’s where we can record the bets, the stakes, and the winners.

Pending Bets:

This year:

Bet: The song Ocean Man by Ween will feature in either the film, trailers, or teaser for Aquaman.  (Ryan says no.  Watson in a bold call says yes because he was clearly drinking at the time) Stakes: Coffee if Ryan wins.  Lunch if Watson wins.

Bet: Aquaman will have a Rotten Tomatoes score higher than 73%.  (Watson says Yes.  Ryan says Holy Shit What The Hell Are You Thinking, Watson?) Stakes: Coffee if Ryan wins, lunch if Watson wins.

123 Bet:  Game of Thrones will debut a new episode (including a sneak preview episode…but not a leak) before the end of 2018.  Watson says yes.  Jenny says no. Stakes: Coffee.

Rotten Tomatoes Bet:   Ryan and Watson bet on a slate of Rotten Tomato predictions; whoever predicts the most, wins the bet.  Stakes: Lunch

The end of 2019:

Bet: Michael B Jordan will receive a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Killmonger in Black Panther.  (Watson says no, Ryan says yes.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: Captain Marvel will open with a scene referencing the Infinity War Post-credit scene.  (Watson says yes, Ryan says no.)  Stakes: Coffee.

123 Bet: Captain Marvel movie grosses (US) more than $250 million.  (Jenny says no.  Ryan says yes.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: Jordan Peele’s next movie he directs will gross $200m or more.  (Watson says no, Ryan says yes.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: Episode 8 of Star Wars will have a higher opening weekend ($220m) than Episode 9. (Watson says yes, Ryan says no.)  Stakes: Coffee.

The end of 2021:

Bet: Marvel will open Black Panther in the January to April timeframe whenever of the year it is released. (Watson says no, Ryan says yes.)  Stakes: Coffee.

123 Bet: By the end of 2021, will a wide release movie (opening on more than 650 screens) also have a day and date streaming debut.  (Watson says yes.  Ryan says no.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: Now You See Me 3 will be released before the end of 2021?  (Ryan says yes.  Watson says no.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Further out:

Bet: The first MCU film to open with a rotten (sub 60%) RT score will make over $200M (Ryan says yes. Watson says no.) Stakes: Lunch.

Bet: That Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine in a principal role after the third standalone Wolverine film.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Watson wins if Hugh Jackman dies. (Watson: That makes me sad.  Ryan: It should.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: Mara Jade will appear in a Star Wars feature film by the end of 2023. (Ryan says no. Watson says yes.) Stakes: Coffee

123 Bet: Will there be a Black Widow movie between the beginning of 2020 and the end of 2025?  (Watson says Yes.  Jenny says No.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: Rian Johnson will direct all three of his announced Star Wars trilogy. (Ryan says yes. Watson says no). Stakes:Coffee

Bet: When the Hamilton original cast recording is released theatrically, it’s domestic box office gross will exceed $350m. (Ryan says yes. Watson says no). Stakes: Coffee

Completed Bets:

Bet: In a rare bet of memory, Ryan said the Battle of Blackwater Bay was at the end of Season 1 of Game of Thrones, while Watson wisely said it was Season 2. Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson, obviously

Bet: The geeks bet on when the first Captain Marvel teaser/trailer/footage would drop.  (Watson says October.  Jenny says November.  Ryan says December. Before or after is a push.) Stakes: Coffee. Winner: We all lost because it was September.  Or we all won because the trailer was awesome.

Bet: Spider-Man: Homecoming would be delayed  (Watson says No.  Ryan says Yes. Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson

Bet: Avengers Infinity War will outgross Black Panther in the US.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson

Bet:  Ryan and Watson had a draft that predicts that Netflix (or another streaming service) will buy one of these films and stream it instead of it seeing a theatrical release.  Ryan:  The Meg, Predator, Gods Not Dead 3 Watson:  Mowgli, Happytime Murders, Equalizer 2    Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson

123 Bet: Marvel or Star Wars will officially replace a director from a film before the end of 2021.  Ryan says yes.  Watson says no.  (Clarifying: This is after Trevorrow was canned.)  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That nobody dies in Avengers: Infinity War.  Jonathan thinks this.  Ryan thinks he’s insane.  Stakes: Lunch if Jonathan wins.  Coffee if Ryan wins. Winner: Ryan.  By a lot.

123 Bet: Will there be a very obvious reference to Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers in Avengers:  Infinity War?  Includes Post-Credit scenes.  (Ryan says No.  Jenny says Yes. Watson weasels in and joins as a Yes)  Stakes: Coffee from Ryan for both Watson and Jenny if Yes.  Watson buys lunch for Ryan if No.  Jenny avoids financial responsibility altogether like a deadbeat somehow…  Winners: Jenny and Watson.

Bet: Deadpool 2 will have a fresh Rotten Tomatoes score.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan.

Bet: Solo will have a fresh Rotten Tomatoes score.  Ryan says no, Watson says yes.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson

Bet: Solo will make more than $160m for the full four day holiday, opening weekend.  Ryan says no, Watson says yes.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan.

123 Bet: Of the original “big six” Avengers (Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk), will one die by the end of Avengers:  Infinity War? (Ryan says Yes.  Jenny says No.)  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Jenny.

Bet: Avengers Infinity War opens in the US to over $248 million, making it the biggest opener of all time.  Jenny, Jonathan, and Watson take the under. Ryan takes the over.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: Shuri and Tony will appear in the same scene and have a line of dialogue directed at each other related to technology in Infinity War. (Watson says No. Jenny says yes.)  Stakes: Coffee but if she plays a role in developing Tony’s double foot booster rocket, Watson is on the hook for lunch!  Winner: Watson.

Bet: Ready Player One to make $55m+ in its opening weekend (this is a four day total).  (Watson says yes.  Ryan say No.) Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan

Bet: Ready Player One to be Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. (Watson says yes.  Ryan say No.) Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson

Bet: That Steven Spielberg will actually direct Ready Player One.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Lunch. Winner: Ryan

Bet: A Wrinkle In Time will score above 55% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Watson and Jenny say no, Ryan says yes.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Everyone but Ryan.

123 Bet: Ryan wins the 2017 Box Office game with Watson but if we didn’t double Wonder Woman and Pitch Perfect 3, Watson would have won.  (Watson says no.  Ryan says yes.)  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson.

Bet: Ryan and Watson did a draft of Best Picture contenders for 2017.  Winner of the bet is the one that has Best Picture film on your “team” (Ryan:  Dunkirk, The Post, Lady Bird, Florida Project, Logan.  Watson: Get Out, Shape of Water, 3 Billboards, Call Me By Your Name, Big Sick.  Any other winner is a push.)  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson

Bet: Call Me By Your Name will win more Oscars this year than Ryan.   (Watson says yes.  Ryan say No.) Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson

Bet: This Is Me will win Best Original Song at the Oscars this year.  (Watson says No.  Ryan says Yes.) Stakes: Coffee.Winner: Watson

Bet: Over/under for Black Panther RT is set at 88.5% (Watson says over.  Ryan says under.)  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson

Bet: Jumanji’s total domestic gross will exceed the domestic gross of Black Panther. (Watson says yes.  Ryan say No.) Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan

123 Bet: Will the Soul stone appear in either Thor: Ragnarok or Black Panther?  (Watson says Ragnarok.  Jenny says Black Panther.)  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: No Winner because Jenny has odd bets.

Bet: Black Panther to make $98m in its opening weekend.  (Watson says yes.  Ryan say No.) Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson

Bet: Three geek bet to predict which MCU character will appear in Black Panther.  Does NOT include post-credit scenes.  Does not count mere references.  The character must physically appear.  Jenny predicts Falcon.  Ryan predicts Captain America.  Watson predicts Nick Fury.  Stakes: Coffee.  If your character appears, the other two buy you a coffee.  If more than one appears, all winners earn their coffees.  The coffee owed shall double if your prediction goes into Space during the film. Winner: No winner.

123 Bet:  Some time before Episode 9, Rey and Kylo Ren team up at least once.  Watson says yes.  Jenny says no. Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson

123 Bet:  Star Wars Episode 8 will make more in its fourth weekend than My Little Pony the Movie will make in its entire theatrical run.  Ryan says Yes.  Watson says no.   Stakes: Coffee.   Winner: Ryan

Bet: Over/under for Star Wars: Last Jedi RT is set at 90.5% (Ryan says over.  Watson says under.)  Stakes: Coffee. Winner:  Ryan

123 Bet: That Carrie Fisher’s final spoken line in Episode VIII will reference The Force. (Jenny says yes.  Ryan says no.)  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan

Bet: Over/under for Justice League RT is set at 54.5% (Ryan says under.  Watson says over.)  Stakes: Coffee. Winner:  Ryan

Bet: Justice League to make $145m in its opening weekend.  (Watson says yes.  Ryan say No.) Stakes: Coffee. Winner:  Ryan

123 Bet:   WB will announce, prior to the end of the 2017, that Wonder Woman will move out of its 12/13/2019 release date after Star Wars episode 9 moved to a week behind it.  Jenny says no.  Watson say yes.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson.

Bet: Thor will score over 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Watson says yes, Ryan says no.  (85% is a push).   Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson.

Bet: Blade Runner 2049 will score over 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. Watson says No, Ryan says Yes.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner:  Ryan

Bet: Colin Trevorrow will not actually direct Episode IX.  Ryan says he’ll have something come up, Watson says he’ll direct it.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner:  Ryan

Bet: That the standalone Spider-Man movie will be part of the MCU by referencing MCU facts/events or including a character from the MCU.  Watson says yes.  Stakes: Lunch.  Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Age of Ultron will make $10 million the weekend Ant-Man comes out (Ryan says yes, Watson says no).Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Jenny would see Interstellar at least twice before Ryan saw it once.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Les Mis would make more than Moulin Rouge.  Ryan said yes.  Stakes: Lunch.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Guardians of the Galaxy would score over 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Ryan said yes.  Watson said no. It scored 91%.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Furious 7 will score lower than 82% on Rotten Tomatoes (Watson).  Ryan has the over.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Paul Blart 2 will score lower than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes (Watson).  Ryan has the over.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Avengers Age of Ultron will make less than $210M on opening weekend (Ryan). Watson has the over.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Avengers Age of Ultron will score higher than 90% on Rotten Tomatoes (Watson).  Ryan has the under.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That the individual holding the red lightsaber from the teaser trailer is Adam Driver (Watson & Jenny) or anyone else (Ryan).  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Everyone in the bet whose name was not Ryan.

Bet: The second weekend of Jurassic World will decline more than 59% for domestic box office take.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Luke Skywalker dies in Episode VII.  Ryan says he bites it, Watson says he lives.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Jurassic World will not be in the top 10 films, US domestic gross, for 2015. Ryan says no, Watson says yes. Stakes: Lunch.  Winner: Watson.

Bet: That at least 4 episodes of Lucifer will actually be shown on air.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no. Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: The Martian will make over $290M at the domestic box office.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Lunch.  (Second bet: Martian outgrosses Gravity.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Coffee bet)  Winner: Watson, twice.

Bet: Lego Ninjago will gross $100m or more? (Ryan says yes.  Watson says no.)  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Happy Death Day has more than 80% on Rotten Tomatoes one week after opening.  Ryan says yes, Jenny says no.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Jenny

Bet: That in the new Fantastic Four movie, the foursome get their powers without going to space.  Ryan says no to space, Jenny says they still go to space.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Jenny because even Ryan acknowledges that words matter and he didn’t make any claim about how they got their powers. He was pretty bombastic about ANY excursion to space and said Tom gets to decide.

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