A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Based off Daniel Handler/Lemony Snickett’s book series for younger readers, this Netflix series follows the truly unfortunate events of the Baudelaire orphans as they constantly seek to stay one step ahead of the dastardly Count Olaf, as played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Season One

  1. The Bad Beginning:  Part One
  2. The Bad Beginning:  Part Two
  3. The Reptile Room:  Part One
  4. The Reptile Room:  Part Two
  5. The Wide Window: Part One
  6. The Wide Window:  Part Two
  7. The Miserable Mill:  Part One
  8. The Miserable Mill:  Part Two

Season Two

  1. The Austere Academy Part One
  2. The Austere Academy Part Two
  3. The Ersatz Elevator Part One
  4. The Ersatz Elevator Part Two
  5. The Vile Village Part One
  6. The Vile Village Part Two
  7. The Hostile Hospital Part One
  8. The Hostile Hospital Part Two
  9. The Carnivorous Carnival Part One
  10. The Carnivorous Carnival Part Two