Retired Coverage


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At some point, TV coverage comes to an end.  By that, I mean I took the show out of the regular weekly or daily rotation for whatever reason.  Want to see the stuff I finished or put on hiatus?  Check in here.



Rome told the story of the days when the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire through the eyes of both the power players who made it happen, and a pair of soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, who had a ground level view of it all.  Cover can be found indexed here.

Penny Dreadful

This series, set in the Victorian era, used numerous figures from Gothic horror works to tell the story of Vanessa Ives, doomed psychic.  This is what True Blood could have been if it weren’t campy or what The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie wanted to be.  Find coverage for it here.

A Series of Unfortunate Events


Netflix and Lemony Snicket would advise you to look away from the awful things that happen to the Baudelaire orphans.  Me?  I say you can find the coverage here.

The Night Manager

A classy, pseudo-Bond adventure, adapted from the John le Carre novel of the same name, featured a cat-and-mouse spy game between Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie.  You can find the key to those write-ups here.

True Detective

HBO’s attempt at a crime anthology had one lauded first season and one reviled second season.  I covered both of them here.

The OA

Netflix’s metaphysical (for lack of a better word) series where a long lost young woman returning cured of her blindness is not the weirdest thing she claims happened to her can be found here.


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

This British TV mini-series is a fun adaptation of author Susanna Clarke’s fun alternate history/fantasy novel, where magic and magicians are real in England during the Napoleonic wars.  Coverage can be found here.

Altered Carbon


Set in a future world where people can trade bodies called “sleeves” at will, former super-soldier type Takeshi Kovacs is on the case of a bazillionaire who wants his own murder solved.  Big and expensive from Netflix, and you can find the coverage here.

American Gods

If people worshipped it in some way, it walks somewhere on American soil.  Old gods battle new in this series, an adaptation of a Neil Gaiman novel.  Check out coverage here.

The Wire

Considered one of the best TV shows ever made, The Wire shows the shortcomings of the various institutions of a dying city.  Find the coverage here.

The Young Pope


A deep, aesthetically beautiful character study of a relatively young man, abandoned by his parents as a boy, who finds himself elected Pope and questions his faith.  He may be a saint!  See the footage here.

House of Cards

Frank and Claire Underwood are powerful, ambitious people who don’t care who they step on or how hard they trod to hold onto power.  Corruption and operatic silliness abound on this Netflix series, and you can find that coverage here.

The Night Of

HBO’s mini-series about one innocent young man’s harrowing trip through the criminal justice system, with a fantastic lead performance by John Turturro, has its footage here.

House of Cards UK

The UK’s original version of the House of Cards saga came 20 years earlier and told the whole story in 12 episodes.  See that coverage here.

Stranger Things

It’s the 80s and it is weird on this Netflix hit where a group of kids deal with the terrors of a place they call the Upside Down.  Find the coverage here.

Black Mirror

The British anthology show about the dangers of technology, but those dangers never come from the tech so much as the users.  The coverage can be found right here.

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls was a delightfully weird animated series about Dipper and Mabel Pines, a pair of twins set to stay with their somewhat crooked, somewhat greedy Grunkle Stan for the summer, and how they more or less save the world.  See the coverage here.


Six teenagers learn their parents may be supervillains in this Hulu adaptation of the Marvel Comics series.  Find the coverage here.


A town full of women.  A former outlaw.  A sheriff condemned to cowardice.  And a 30-man gang of vicious killers.  This Western mini-series brought all that with some style.  See the coverage here.


The contemplative Western that made human beings out of the lawmen and psychos that inhabited a small camp out in South Dakota before the law moved in, when gold was possibly plentiful, and a rich man’s greed could bring a sheriff with a simple moral code and a brothel owner with his fingers in every illegal pie possible together as allies.  Coverage can be found here.


You know, I really like Vikings, but there’s no way this show should be twenty episodes per season.  Oh well.  Coverage is found here.

Big Little Lies

This HBO series was something of a murder mystery, even if it took its old sweet time telling you who died, but it may be more about rich people problems and personality conflicts among the upper crust.  It was really good, and had an impressive cast.  Find the coverage here.

Lost in Space

The Netflix remake of the old 60s family adventure show had its moments.  You can find the coverage here.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Do I even need to describe this one?  It’s in the title.  It’s Ash Williams on one side, the Evil Dead on the other, and a lot of gory slapstick in-between.  Find the coverage here.

Over the Garden Wall

Two brothers get lost in the Unknown, with only a talking bluebird for help.  And maybe a frog.  Watch out for the Beast.  Anyhoo, Cartoon Network made a whimsical mini-series.  You can find the coverage here.

The Handmaid’s Tale

It’s a misogynistic hellhole based on the novel by Margaret Atwood.  Things get bad and then they get worse while one woman endures, looking for even a scrap of respect and dignity in the world that would deny her both.  Find the coverage here.