Into the Badlands

What a weird combo of feudalism, martial arts, and post-apocalyptic societies this mish-mash of an AMC show was.  It’s 500 years after the apocalypse, barons rule the land with Clippers as their enforcers, and nobody has guns.  Can a Clipper named Sunny find freedom for himself and those he calls friends by getting, you know, out of the Badlands?

Season One

  1. The Fort
  2. Fist Like a Bullet
  3. White Stork Spreads Wings
  4. Two Tigers Subdue Dragons
  5. Snake Creeps Down
  6. Hand of the Five Prisons

Season Two

  1. Tiger Pushes Mountain
  2. Force of Eagle’s Claw
  3. Red Sun, Silver Moon
  4. Palm of the Iron Fox
  5. Monkey Leaps Through Mist
  6. Leopard Stalks in Snow
  7. Black Heart, White Mountain
  8. Sting of the Scorpion’s Tail