Gravity Falls

Twins Dipper and Mabel Pines go to spend the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon with their Great Uncle (or “Grunkle”) Stan, the man who runs the Mystery Shack tourist trap just outside of town.  And then weird stuff starts to happen, like, all the time.

Season One

  1. Tourist Trapped
  2. Legend of the Gobblewonker
  3. Headhunters
  4. The Hand that Rocks the Mabel
  5. The Inconveniencing
  6. Dipper Vs. Manliness
  7. Double Dipper
  8. Irrational Treasure
  9. The Time Traveler’s Pig
  10. Fight Fighters
  11. Little Dipper
  12. Summerween
  13. Boss Mabel
  14. Bottomless Pit