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With the end of Game of Thrones, I needed something new to watch on the TV.  Or, maybe, multiple things.

Anyhoo, here’s my current weekly project.  Each weekday at 6PM Eastern/5 Central, a new write up will appear covering one episode apiece until either I lose interest or the show ends, whichever comes first.

Here is your guide to each show.

Titans on Mondays


Now on HBO Max, it’s the TV-MA show about the kid sidekicks doing their own thing even if the stories all seem to somehow be about Dick Grayson.  Find the coverage here.


Sweet Tooth on Tuesdays

A naive kid leaves home for the first time.  Only the kid has antlers and most of the human race died of some mystery plague.  Yes, Netflix adapted a somewhat strange comic into a somewhat whimsical series.  Find the coverage here.

Gotham on Wednesdays

Jimmy Impossible kinda wondered why I didn’t watch this show when it was on.  Short answer:  I tried and didn’t like what I saw despite being a huge Batman fan.  Well, let’s try it again now that it’s over.  Find the coverage here.

Succession on Thursdays


A rich family fights each other for control of the family media empire.  Adam McKay is one of the people behind all this, so you know there’s probably a satirical point to be made.  Find the coverage here.

The Good Lord Bird on Fridays


John Brown, complex figure that he is, could be a hero or a madman depending on whom you ask.  In The Good Lord Bird, as seen through the eyes of a former slave that Brown incorrectly believes is a girl, he may be both.  Find the coverage here.

Additionally, Simpsons every weekday at noon central.


I mean, I can’t possibly finish this particular project.  I’ll quit sooner or later, right?  Right?  Oh well.  It is The Simpsons, and everyone should know what they’re all about by this point.

Or maybe Doctor Who at noon central?

Well, when The Simpsons isn’t available, then we’ll get some Doctor Who.

And Star Trek on weekends?

At this point, why not?  I apparently don’t leave my house anymore.  Here’s Star Trek.


Grunge rubber stamp with word Retired,vector illustration

TV show coverage that is finished or on hiatus has to go somewhere.