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With the end of Game of Thrones, I needed something new to watch on the TV.  Or, maybe, multiple things.

Anyhoo, here’s my current weekly project.  Each weekday at 6PM Eastern/5 Central, a new write up will appear covering one episode apiece until either I lose interest or the show ends, whichever comes first.

Here is your guide to each show.

The Great on Mondays


How did Catherine the Great gain power in Imperial Russia?  Well, this Hulu series probably won’t tell you the real story but it’s more of a broad comedy anyway.  Find the coverage here.


Penny Deadful: City of Angels on Tuesdays


Penny Dreadful came back!?  Whoa!  And…it looks nothing like the first run of the show as the whole thing changes time, place, and style to tell a different spooky story.  Will that work?  See the coverage here.

Gotham on Wednesdays


Jimmy Impossible kinda wondered why I didn’t watch this show when it was on.  Short answer:  I tried and didn’t like what I saw despite being a huge Batman fan.  Well, let’s try it again now that it’s over.  Find the coverage here.

Dark on Thursdays

Time travel and the apocalypse hit a German town.  Is this German Stranger Things?  Not really, but it comes close.  Find the coverage here.

The Boys on Fridays

What if superheroes were a bunch of hedonistic jerks, at best?  Who would keep them in mind?  Why, that’s a job for the Boys!  And they’ll do it in the craziest, most R-rated way possible.  Find the coverage here.

Additionally, Simpsons every weekday at noon central.


I mean, I can’t possibly finish this particular project.  I’ll quit sooner or later, right?  Right?  Oh well.  It is The Simpsons, and everyone should know what they’re all about by this point.

Or maybe Doctor Who at noon central?

Well, when The Simpsons isn’t available, then we’ll get some Doctor Who.

And Star Trek on weekends?

At this point, why not?  I apparently don’t leave my house anymore.  Here’s Star Trek.

And, for now, we have Avatar: The Last Airbender weekday afternoons at 3PM Eastern/2 Central.

Look, sooner or later, I’m gonna quit writing here.  In the meantime, I give myself incentive to finish things if I keep writing about them, and I have wanted to see Avatar: The Last Airbender for a while now.  Find the coverage here.

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TV show coverage that is finished or on hiatus has to go somewhere.