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With the end of Game of Thrones, I needed something new to watch on the TV.  Or, maybe, multiple things.

Anyhoo, here’s my current weekly project.  Each weekday at 6PM Eastern/5 Central, a new write up will appear covering one episode apiece until either I lose interest or the show ends, whichever comes first.

Here is your guide to each show.

The OA on Mondays


The OA is a lyrically bizarre series from Netflix, where a missing blind woman comes back with her sight restored and a special mission.

True Detective on Tuesdays


HBO’s crime anthology series True Detective only lasted two seasons of intense crime noir where the powerful pushed around the powerless and different characters wondered what it meant to be a man.  Season one was brilliant.  Season two?  Not so much.

The Wire on Wednesdays


Often hailed as one of the best TV shows ever made, The Wire took a realistic look at the death throes of a major American city and questioned the costs of the War on Drugs.

House of Cards on Thursdays


A Southern Congressman is slighted by a new President and swears political revenge.  Power moves and plays abound in House of Cards, the drama that perhaps put Netflix’s original programming on the map.

Vikings on Fridays


An original drama from The History Channel?  Why not?  Vikings follows a Norseman of legend as he goes from simple farmer and raider to much, much more.


And, of course, The Simpsons every weekday at noon central.


I mean, I can’t possibly finish this particular project.  I’ll quit sooner or later, right?  Right?  Oh well.  It is The Simpsons, and everyone should know what they’re all about by this point.

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TV show coverage that is finished or on hiatus has to go somewhere.