Gabbing Geek 2.10: Geek Book Club

The Geeks read some stuff and you get to join in the conversation!  Find out what our crew thought of our first geek novel in our book club, Six of Crows, followed by some impromptu comic book reading with Kingdom Come and Neil Gaiman’s run of Eternals.  Plus a Watson game as the Dude’s rug to tie it all together.

Godzilla Is Godawful (Spoilers, But Who Cares)

I am a very forgiving movie grader.  I even enjoy most movies people consider bad because I can find something fun in them.  But Godzilla: King of the Monsters is beyond bad–it’s the kind of movie that makes me angry.  This is an easy win.  Get giant monsters together.  Have them fight.  That’s it.  And yet, the latest Godzilla movie manages to spoil just about everything.  Full details after the spoiler break if you actually care.  You should not care.

Gabbing Geek 2.05: It’s Not TV, It’s Gabbing Geek!

It’s an all television episode of Gabbing Geek as the Geeks tell you what TV shows they’re currently geeking on (or really looking forward to), we play a round of everyone’s favorite game: ROD (Rent Own Delete), and then it’s a fantastic game of Pitch Please as we each pitch a TV show based on a beloved franchise.  The twist: these pitched shows are ones you DO NOT want to watch.  Or do you?  You’ll have to listen to find out!