Doctor Who “Evolution Of The Daleks”

Last time we saw a Dalek get some human DNA in them, the Dalek in question started to feel things and had some unusual experiences for a Dalek.  This time around, we have a Dalek leader, part of the Cult of Skaro, the group whose whole existence is to think like the enemy that is everyone else, infused with a human and transforming into a Dalek-human hybrid.

Regardless of anything else, he sure is goofy-lookin’.

Yeah, so the Daleks have been busy kidnapping people, turning those deemed too stupid to do much into pig men and those deemed smarter into…well, future Dalek hybrids.  The first one, formerly known as Dalek Sec, has tentacles on his face and one big eye, but he’s walking upright, and the Doctor, revealing himself, points out that human DNA means new experiences.  He isn’t wrong.  Sec is seeing human aggression and hatred as prime Dalek-feelings, but that just means the Doctor has to make a break for it with Martha, guest star Andrew Garfield, and whoever else is standing nearby.  Fortunately, he has a sonic screwdriver and there’s a radio nearby.

What follows isn’t exactly unpredictable because the Daleks are nothing if not predictable.  The Doctor and his companions get back to the Hooverville, leaving only poor Lazlo the half-pig-man behind, and the Daleks attack.  Yes, Solomon’s people are well-armed as they are a lot of World War I vets, but the pig men are canon fodder.  There are still three normal Daleks hanging around, and two of them attack as well.  Solomon tries reasoning with them, against the Doctor’s advice, and it doesn’t work out for Solomon.

Not surprising there.

But then there’s Sec’s reaction.  He’s…touched.

Daleks don’t get touched.

He orders the others to stop the attack and offers to let the humans live if the Doctor comes back.  The Doctor agrees, but he does leave Martha the psychic paper.

Hmm, this is weird.  What could Sec want with the Daleks’ greatest enemy?

He wants some help.

See, the Daleks realized that humans are good at one thing:  surviving.  And the Doctor, well, if he helps the Daleks take all these brain-dead humans they’ve been collecting (and also rendering brain dead in the first place), then the Doctor can use the TARDIS to transport all the Daleks, human born or otherwise, to a planet of their own and they won’t bother anyone again.  And Sec seems to mean it.

Granted, the other three aren’t so pleased by this.

Of course, by then, Martha and her group got to the top of the Empire State Building to see the Daleks were building…something up there to channel energy from some upcoming cosmic event.  That’s good because the other Daleks turn on Sec, and then move to wake up their hybrids, all of which look human, to do the usual “destroy everything” plan.  The Doctor and Lazlo manage to escape, though Lazlo ain’t lookin’ too good.  Probably because the pig men, by design, don’t live very long.

As it is, the Daleks wake up their new minions, and all that the Doctor manages to do as he tries to stop it is get struck by lightning.  With Sec captured and an army of loyal minions, what can stop the Daleks?

Oh wait, the Doctor already did.

See, getting hit by lightning means there’s some Time Lord DNA in those human hybrids.  And Time Lords?  They ask questions.

Not a good thing for Daleks who want unthinking obedience from their underlings.  One Dalek moves to kill the Doctor, but Sec jumps in front of him, the hybrids fight back when they see they’re next for extermination, and when all that is over, two of the remaining three Daleks are dead, and the survivor took out all the hybrids with some kind of self-destruct mechanism.

Dang Daleks.

The Doctor does offer to help the last one.  He declines by activating a time portal.  And because the Doctor is the Doctor, he even uses the Dalek genetics lab to stabilize Lazlo.  He can’t give the guy his human face back, but he’ll live a normal lifespan with the Hooverville folks.  Considering there are no Hoovervilles in Central Park to my knowledge, that’s not a perfect longterm plan, but he and his girlfriend Tallulah can be together and all is well.

But really, Daleks aren’t good at planning ahead if they keep taking themselves out rather than going after their real enemies.  They should also try learning some new tricks.

Wait, they’re evil.  Never mind.

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