YouTube Selection: Someone Liked The Dead Don’t Die?

In the Before Times when I went to the movies very regularly, I would do my annual top ten/bottom ten lists, and in 2019, near the bottom of that list was The Dead Don’t Die.  I had plenty of experience with director Jim Jamusch’s work.  I liked it.  But something about The Dead Don’t Die didn’t work for me.

But the host of the YouTube channel Acolytes of Horror, he really liked it.  Did he see something that I didn’t?

For me, I felt that the movie didn’t really say anything new, even using Jamusch’s deadpan sense of humor. and ironic tone.  Yes, he does drama too, and he does it well, but something about The Dead Don’t Die didn’t work for me even knowing the man’s general work.

But for Acolytes of Horror, the deadpan sensibilities was the point and why he loved the movie.  See his explanation below for details.

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