Torchwood “End Of Days”

Well, here I am at the end of the first series of Torchwood.  Now, as a Doctor Who spin-off, and with the way that show seems to work now, I shouldn’t be too surprised that this series ended with an episode that somewhat sums up everything that came before.

But it seemed kinda random.

Allow me to explain:  after the previous episode where Ianto shot Owen before failing to stop Owen from opening the Cardiff Rift to get Jack and Tosh back from 1941, you would expect some anger, but Owen doesn’t seem to mind Ianto shot him.

Instead, Jack is pissed Owen opened the Rift, enough to fire Owen.  Owen leaves, knowing he’ll be mindwiped within 24 hours somehow.  Then again, no one went with him, but that’s a problem for another day.

See, the Rift opened, and the world has a lot of timelost people running around.  That means Gwen and Jack go down to the local police station to bring in a Roman soldier who murdered two people and there’s a Black Death outbreak at the local hospital.  That Bilis guy, meanwhile, gives Gwen a vision of Rhys stabbed to death.  Oh, and tasering Rhys and taking him back to the Hub doesn’t stop that because Bilis just teleports into the Hub and stabs Rhys there.

Yes, Bilis can teleport.  He’s probably also the reason the others had visions, namely Ianto of Cybergirlfriend Lisa, Tosh sees her mother, and Owen his timelost love interest Diane.  Jack sees nothing, but that’s for later.

The point is, all the visions suggest the only way to fix everything is to open the Rift and everyone but Jack decides to do it, with Owen shooting Jack in the head and chest to stop him from stopping them.  And it turns out opening the Rift does bring Rhys back and send the time lost home.  It also releases Bilis’s master, some giant demon thing named Abaddon whose shadow sucks the life out of everything it touches.

That’s bad.

But Jack got better and insisted he be put in the creature’s path because, as an immortal, he would be too much for the thing to eat.  He’s right, the demon dies, and he seems to as well, but he gets better a few days later, hugs Gwen and Tosh, kisses Ianto, and forgives Owen, so he went Full Jesus.

Well, the Rift is closed, but it’s more volatile now.  Would Jack have been tempted by any vision?  He says there would be one of the right doctor.  And then that hand in the jar starts glowing, you can hear the TARDIS in the background, and when Gwen and the others aren’t looking, Jack disappears.

Wait, was that the Doctor’s severed hand in that jar?

Alright, so, that was the first series of Torchwood.  How was it?  Kinda meh, truth be told.  Even with all the connections tossed together in the end, it didn’t seem to add up to much.  Part of it looked like it was going for a more “adult” Doctor Who, but Jack isn’t the same sort of charming that the Doctor is.  I had some high hopes for this one, but the good stuff may be Series 3, the one subtitled Children of Earth.  Maybe they’ll get something better than a Doctor Who story with more swearing, sex, and violence in the future and give these characters something more to work with.  I’ll find out later.

And I do mean “later”.  Up next for me at noon, I am going back to Doctor Who to see what the Tenth Doctor has been up to.  I do tend to like that stuff more…

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