Torchwood “Captain Jack Harkness”

You know, in my write-up for the previous episode, I noted that Tosh seemed to be limited to hanging around the Hub as someone Jack can bounce ideas off of.  Well, she actually gets to go on a mission with Jack this time, and he shares a bit with her, possibly more than he usually shares with Gwen if he shares with anyone.

Gwen, meanwhile, mostly hangs around an old building and looks worried.  I’m fine with that.  Let the others get some good scenework once in a while.

See, Jack and Tosh go off on a case of an old dance hall where, for some reason, music can be heard playing despite the fact the place hasn’t been in operation in years.  The two go inside, and after wandering around a bit, they find themselves in a big dance party.

In 1941.

And going outside, they’re still in 1941.

Oh, and there’s an airman there named…Captain Jack Harkness.  He’s the guy Torchwood’s Jack took the name from because the Torchwood Jack knows this guy died, and he actually dies the next day.

By the by, if you think being a Japanese woman hanging around Cardiff in World War II might be a problem since, you know, Japan was fighting on the other side, not only does Tosh admit to being Japanese after being a bit worried about being the only Asian there, but Jack has a good excuse for her that seems to work.  Plus, this creepy guy named Bilis Manger who seems to run the place and takes photos of the groups.

Never trust a man in a cravat.  I say this knowing I own and have worn one on exactly one occasion.  It’s a long story.  Or a short one.  It’s mostly not an interesting story.

Now, these photos help the present day Torchwood get the others back.  And therein lies the other problem, namely that Ianto and Owen have very different ideas for getting Jack and Tosh back.  Tosh can send the group some equations, but they don’t all come through thanks to that Bilis guy (see, don’t trust a guy in a cravat who appears in two time periods at the same time).  Owen wants to use the Rift, possibly to get Diane back and possibly to get Jack and Tosh back.  Ianto, called the “tea boy” by Owen, is loyal to Jack and knows Jack doesn’t want anyone to mess with the Rift.  Owen doesn’t even know who Jack is and sees that as a reason to maybe not be slavishly loyal to Jack.  That all ends when Owen does find a missing part to the Rift mechanisms in Bilis’s office and turns the machine on, but not before Ianto shoots him in the shoulder.

Owen, oddly enough, isn’t mad about that later from the looks of things.

However, the Rift does bring Jack and Tosh back.  Just as well.  Jack spent the episode advising his namesake to live each day like it might be his last, and that ends when the two Jacks dance a bit and then kiss, with Torchwood Jack getting through the portal at the last second.  Nice character work for Jack, and we see the rest of the team can get things done just fine without him…mostly.  I mean, Owen did get shot…

So…that Bilis guy is gonna be trouble again, isn’t he?

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