Gotham “Everyone Has A Cobblepot”

It occurred to me that many times when I write up Gotham episodes, I don’t say a whole lot about either Jim Gordon or Harvey Bullock.  I have no explanation for that.  It just happens sometimes.

Wait, yes I do.  Gordon’s kinda dull and Bullock hangs out mostly with him.

That said, they do some more noteworthy stuff for this one because everyone has a Cobbplepot.

What’s a Cobblepot?  It’s the evidence Commissioner Loeb holds over any and all the cops in the GCPD to keep them in line, some crime the cop committed, sometimes forced by a scarier person, but always there.  Gordon had the murder or Oswald Cobblepot, but since he’s still alive, Gordon is probably the only clean cop in Gotham City.  That doesn’t cover Bullock, since Loeb leaned on Bullock to provide an alibi for Detective Flass, the dirty narcotics cop that Gordon arrested for murder.  Oh, and Loeb is endorsing Flass in the upcoming election for head of the policeman’s union.

That’s bad.

But this is Gordon, and while he is easily the blandest character on the show, he’s also not going to rest until he gets Flass back in jail where he belongs.  So, he and Harvey Dent lean on Flass’s old partner, since cops are closer to partners than their own wives, and gets an idea of where Loeb keeps his blackmail information.  Gordon decides not to tell Bullock, and he says that as he and Dent are walking past Bullock, and Bullock is many things, but he ain’t stupid, so that was rather dumb.

Point is, they need Bullock.  Bullock has to rescue the two when the tip leads to a lot of angry men with weapons, and after dropping Dent off somewhere, Bullock knows how to really get information from Loeb’s old partner, mostly involving methods that Gordon would never use and probably wouldn’t work if he did, and which Dent shouldn’t see.

Say goodbye to Harvey Dent for another episode, kids.

Alright, Bullock gets results.  Who has Loeb’s blackmail files?

Carmine Falcone.


Well, if everyone has a Cobblepot, why not ask the Penguin for some help finding this stuff?

This is clearly a bad idea.

But it works.  Gordon just has to agree to owe Cobblepot a favor later and let him look through the material for five minutes alone.  Penguin does know of a place where Falcone might keep stuff, an old farm house out in the middle of nowhere.

Man, Gotham is weird.

It gets weirder!  And I haven’t even gotten to the Fish Mooney subplot yet!  See, Loeb doesn’t have files there.  The old couple there watch Loeb’s daughter, a girl who killed her mother when she was a teenager and who is clearly off her rocker.  And she’s played by actress Nicholle Tom, AKA Supergirl in the DCAU.  Well, nothing for Penguin to look through, the old couple make a run for it before coming to a gruesome end later, and Loeb agrees to send Flass back to jail and destroy the Bullock evidence while endorsing Gordon for head of the union.  See, that’s progress!  Gordon cleans things up!

Loeb said he couldn’t clear all the cops because that material was the only thing keeping him alive.

Also, it occurs to me that Gordon once again has a Cobblepot.

Oh, yeah…Fish.  She met the Dollmaker, who replaced her destroyed brown eye with a new bright blue one, and it looks like her efforts to escape Dollmaker’s place…are not going so well since it’s an island.  And sure, she’s playing everyone along, but Dollmaker is being played by Umbrella Academy‘s Colm Feore.  Oh, and it looks like the grafted Jeffrey Comb’s head onto a scarred woman’s torso or something as some sort of punishment.  Methinks Fish doesn’t care that much about everybody, but that’s not my problem.  Not yet anyway.

She’s fictional.  If it becomes my problem, then I have much bigger problems than an angry fictional crime lord.

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