Gotham “Red Hood”

So, wait, we got a potential Joker last time, and this time we get a different character with a red hood?  Any Batman fan worth his or her salt knows the Red Hood was the alias an unknown criminal had before a chemical bath made the guy into the Joker.  Do we have a brand new potential Joker?

I don’t think so.  Besides, this episode seemed to waste the generally awesome Jeffrey Combs.

Jeffrey Combs, known for his creepy voice and a long career playing creepy guys, is here as the office manager.  That’s right.  His character has no name.  He works for a guy named Dulmacher (probably Dollmaker), the guy who’s been harvesting organs and has Fish Mooney in his basement.  Fish organized the other prisoners (almost certainly to her own benefit), and a trip upstairs shows people missing…well,limbs, eyes, maybe a kidney here or there.  Clearly the people running this place don’t much care for prisoners who act up.

However, Fish wins some badass points when, realizing Combs’s manager means to take her eyes for someone, gouges one out and stomps on it.  Not something I expected to ever see on any network TV show.  And with only one good eye, well, no one is going to take anything along those lines from Fish.

Let that be a lesson to office managers everywhere:  do not leave dull spoons within reach of Fish Mooney.

Granted, that was hardly the whole episode.  That whole “red hood” thing was a comedy of errors as members of a gang fought to use the homemade hood one wore to a bank robbery that gained him a lot of citywide fame, leading to the different members shooting and killing each other just to have a cheap hood.  Oh, and the robberies were being committed in the first place because one guy in the gang couldn’t get a bank loan to start a bakery.

There’s probably something there about how the system is set up to prevent people with little from getting ahead, but Gotham isn’t built to be that sort of show.

No, instead we see Alfred and Bruce letting an old SAS companion of Alfred’s into Stately Wayne Manor, and this guy seems to be a bit rougher in his own lessons to Bruce.  But then it turns out he’s there to rob the place of Bruce’s evidence on behalf of the Wayne Enterprises board of directors, a robbery that begins with Alfred gets stabbed, sticking the faithful butler in the hospital for the foreseeable future while the board contemplates sending someone off to kill young Bruce for knowing too much.

Can Alfred’s old pal Reggie feel some guilt over that?  Sure.  But it doesn’t look like it’ll do any good.  That information is about as helpful as a certain red hood when it comes to keeping people alive.

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