Doctor Who “The Age Of Steel”

Well, the Doctor, Mickey, Rose, alternate versions of Mickey and Rose’s dead father Pete, and a pair of rebels called the Preachers are surrounded by Cybermen who are not interested in a surrender.

This could be bad.

Or the Doctor could short all of the Cybermen out with that piece of the TARDIS he’s been slowly charging.  That was easy.

And now, the group needs a plan as that nasty John Lumic uses all of those earpods he and he alone sold to, oh, everybody, to put the entire population of London into an emotionless trance so they’ll line up to either be made into Cybermen or have their bodies be disposed of if they aren’t good enough to be Cybermen.

Wow.  That’s harsh.

Now, Pete ditched his pods, and after the group split up to escape the Cybermen, Mickey and his alternate Earth double Rickey get cornered and Rickey dies.  Oh, and Rickey wasn’t really as cool as he said, so he’s more like Mickey than he said he was.  But with a giant Cyberman factory, and Lumic’s loyalest employee deciding he doesn’t want to be  Cyberman and attacking his boss, there’s only so much that they can do.

But then they come up with a plan!

See, Pete wasn’t really with Lumic.  He was spying on him!  And he figures the best way to stop them is to go in through the front door by posing as another potential victim with a fake pair of earpods.  Rose offers to go with.  They’re gonna go looking for Alternate Jackie.

The Doctor and the Preacher’s tech expert, an older woman named Mrs. Moore (sort of), will go through an underground tunnel and find Lumic.

And Mickey, subbing for Rickey, will go with the other Preacher to disable the transmitter on the roof.

Well, what can go wrong here?

For starters, the Cybermen may be slow and loud, but they aren’t dumb.  Jackie already is a Cyberman and spots Pete and Rose, taking them to Lumic.

The Cybermen are in the tunnel, and they wake up.  Mrs. Moore dies, but not before she disables a Cyberman enough for the Doctor to find a partial weakness.  The Doctor is likewise captured because his two hearts make him an anomaly, so he also gets to go see Lumic.

Oh, and Lumic was turned into a SUPERCYBERMAN, the Cyber Controller who gets a whole giant metal chair and everything.

Oh, and there’re Cybermen processing plants in cities around the world.

Looks like it’s up to Mickey and the other guy.

Crap, they are doomed…

No, wait, Mickey dodges a Cyberman and gets the thing to take itself out by hitting the power source.  And with that, more power goes out and the Doctor realizes Mickey is on the blimp that has the transmitter.  And since Lumic made sure all his tech is compatible and the Doctor knows how to switch on Cybermen emotions, something that causes Cybermen to die, the Doctor just starts talking while Mickey, who is a hacker, hacks the system, sends the Doctor a kill code, and takes out all the Cybermen and lets all the regular folks escape to safety.  Sure, Lumic has to die extra big, but that’s basically the end and Mickey, tired of being the tin dog, is finally the hero.

So, naturally, he opts to stay on the alternate world, see to Rickey/his grandmother, and with the one surviving Preacher, stop the rest of the Cybermen.  Paris was the next closest facility.  He’ll be there forever since the TARDIS is fixed and once it goes back to the original universe, then the holes close up, but he seems happy.  Rose is a little upset, but Mickey is right in one thing.

She still has the Doctor.

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