Doctor Who “Tooth And Claw”

There are a few scenes where the Doctor, posing as a Scotsman named after former companion Jamie, speaks in what is probably David Tennant’s own Scottish accent.  But he can’t hold it and that’s what gives him away.  That’s, like, ironic or something.

However, before the Doctor gets to Scotland, a Scottish manor house is attacked by some bald martial artists who lock everyone but the lord of the land, Sir Robert, up in the cellar with something in a cage that horrifies, well, everybody.

And then the Doctor shows up, trying to get Rose to a music festival in 1979 and ending up about a century off, where Rose’s attire of short sleeves, leggings under shorts, and a t-shirt has her labeled as “the naked girl”.  Oh, and the pair meets Queen Victoria on a royal visit to Sir Robert’s place, and since there have already been seven attempts on the Queen’s life, she’s expecting more and tags the Doctor to protect her since his psychic paper says he can do such things.

Rose, it should be noted, wants to hear the Queen say “We are not amused,” but her constant questioning along those lines just annoys the Queen, and I think I’m on Her Majesty’s side on this one.  I mean, she did other things.  I think.  I’m not an expert on Queen Victoria or anything…

At any rate, despite Sir Robert’s kinda squirrely actions, the absence of his wife and cook, and a bunch of new, bald servants, no one really realizes how off things are until Rose, ordered to put something more appropriate on, finds a maid hiding in a closet and then she and the maid are grabbed by those kung fu eggheads and dragged down to the cellar to see..a black-eyed man in a cage that Rose realizes must be some kind of alien.

At about the same time, the Doctor likewise realizes something is wrong.  Took him long enough.  He must have been having an off-day.

Fortunately, Rose organizes everyone to freedom when she realizes if they work together, they can pull the chains out of the pillars they were connected to and escape before the black-eyed man gets a lot larger, hairier, and stronger when the full moon hits him.  Yes, he’s an alien werewolf who’s been stuck on Earth for a very long time and was told to kill the Queen because the bald guys are a bunch of dicks.

There’s another reason, obviously, but I prefer to just say they’re dicks.

So, can the Doctor and Rose keep Victoria and anyone else they can find alive long enough until morning?

No, of course not.  They won’t last that long.  But the Doctor can jurryrigg a killer beam of some kind using Sir Robert’s father’s telescope, a large diamond the Queen carries, and a bit of mistletoe that apparently slows the critter down because it can’t smell people around it.  That would be why the wolf-man leaves the Lady of the House and the maids alone in the kitchen.

Sure, he kills Sir Robert, various guards, and all the male servants, but Sir Robert went out to buy time and everyone else died heroically or foolishly or both.  And the beam worked, though the wolf might have nicked the Queen, so there could be werewolves in the Royal Family in another century.  Then again, this Queen looked to be a bit beyond her child-baring years, so I’m not sure how…

Regardless, for their brave actions, the Queen knighted both the Doctor and Rose.  Then she banished both of them for being alien troublemakers.  She was most certainly not amused, but that whole the-Royals-might-be-lycanthropes is amusing enough to Rose and the Doctor that they don’t seem to mind too much as they walk back to the TARDIS.

Then again, there is something more happening after they left.  In honor of Sir Robert and his father, the Queen sets up something she’s calling Torchwood…

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