Ozark “Next Box”

And now it’s time to discuss another episode of a show filled with awful people.

And yet, it is still compelling television.

Let’s review some of the awful, in no particular order of awfulness.

Jonah Byrde

Jonah is researching invasive species, which I am sure is not the slightest bit symbolic, and asks if he can start killing birds, again not at all a symbolic request even if he means invasive starlings, and doesn’t clarify that to his worried mother.  At school, he decides not to sign the anti-drug pledge because drug dealers are just trying to provide for their families too, and the issue is more complex than “just say no”.

I gotta say, I can at least appreciate his use of critical thought on that anti-drug pledge.

The Snells

Oh, they weren’t happy to see the church is still building.  It takes all of Marty’s fast-talking to keep himself alive especially as he went directly to Pastor Mason at the same time they do.  Marty’s best explanation is to tell Pastor Mason that he needs to keep doing services on the water because the Snells distribute drugs that way, and the Snells are dangerous.

Of course, the Snells tell Pastor Mason what it is Marty really does.  He gets upset enough to burn his church down, temporarily pleasing everyone involved.

Then again, Darlene asks Jacob when they can kill Marty.

And this comes after they basically make Marty give them all his money.

Ruth Langmore

Ruth actually does seem helpful when Charlotte Byrde makes a run for it to try and get back to Chicago, and then she takes a ride to visit her father in prison.  He just wants to know why Marty is still alive.  Granted, Marty is awful in many ways, but there sure are a lot of people who want him dead.

The Cartel

Look, it’s a drug cartel.  We know they’re awful.  That’s the whole reason the Byrdes are in the Ozarks to begin with.  But they’re keeping closer tabs onb the Byrdes than anyone might have expected.

Sam Dermody

Wendy’s boss at the realtor listens when Wendy suggests he and his well-off mother invest in Marty’s….schemes.  Yeah, schemes is a good word.  Mama Dermody goes for it, but she’s one of those bad TV moms who keeps telling her son what a failure he is (and he wants to be a motivational speaker!), but then the two argue over whether or not it was wise to give a really large sum of money to Marty or not.  That argument only ends when his mama is hit by a truck.


Agent Petty

Our resident lawman sure looks like he’s using Russ Langmore in a rather heartless way, and there are enough suggestions that he’s maybe playing fast and loose with the rules as it is.

So, besides Marty and Wendy’s both continuing to be awful people, is there anyone here doing better?  Oddly enough, there is one.

Charlotte Byrde, after her failed attempt to run away to Chicago, and while her parents have the argument that probably should have had the moment Marty learned Wendy was unfaithful, goes off for a swim in the river behind their house, and while she considers drowning herself…she hits literal bottom, which again I am sure is not at all meant to be symbolic, and finds some strength enough to return home.

Well, that’s something.

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