Doctor Who “New Earth”

Alright, here we go.  The first regular episode of Doctor Who to feature the Tenth Doctor, and it’s a trip to the future to see some familiar faces.

There isn’t much else familiar about these characters than their faces, but that’s OK.

Yes, we’re back to the future where the Doctor takes Rose to see New New York.  It’s at least the 14th version of New York, but the point is, the Doctor’s psychic paper sent a message that the Doctor needs to see someone in one of the wards.  The paper doesn’t say who, but the Doctor is the Doctor, and this is New Earth so off they go.

Yeah, this seems simple enough.  But there are two problems.

The first is “last human” Lady Cassandra is still alive and spots Rose.  She blames Rose for what happened to her and she really wants revenge.

The second is the hospital seems capable of curing, well, anything.  That seems unlikely, and it certainly doesn’t sound like a problem, but the cat-nun-nurses that run the place have their secrets.

So, what happens when Cassandra manages to put her consciousness into Rose’s body just as the Doctor finds out how the Sisters of Plenitude have been curing everyone? Learning that secret is what tips the Doctor off that Rose isn’t Rose.  Sure, Cassandra trying and failing miserably to imitate’s Rose’s accent, plus the kiss she lays on the Doctor, all that should have been a clue.  But the real clue is how Rose shows no compassion for, well, the plague rats, the endless suffering human clones (I think they were clones) on the hospital’s lower floors.  They were infected with all known diseases and the cures experimented on them.  And Cassandra, unlike Rose, has no compassion for these people.

Of course, these folks are so infected with disease that the slightest touch will kill a healthy person.  And Cassandra, well, she let them all out.

Now, the Doctor is no fool, so if there are cures for everything, he can cure those poor folks who are just seeking help and infecting everyone they come across along the way.  The biggest problem is Cassandra, her own body no longer available, hopping from Rose to the Doctor and back again, until finally she jumps into her own genetically-engineered servant, a being with a short half-life as it is.  The Doctor douses himself with the cures, he lets the sick touch him, and that spreads a cure to everyone.  Plus, the nuns go to jail because they knew all about that stuff going on.  Actually, they did more than know about it.  They were the ones doing it.  That’s much worse.

As for Cassandra, finally appreciating the finite nature of life, the Doctor takes her to see herself before she was just a flap of skin with a face on it, allowing her to die while giving herself a compliment.

That was…sweet?

So, who was the Doctor there to see?  Oh, the Face of Boe was dying of old age because he was maybe a million years old, but then he just got better.  And he’ll give the Doctor an important message…when they meet for the third and final time.

What?  What a crock!

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