Gotham “The Fearsome Dr. Crane”

Wait, Julian Sands is here?  As Dr. Crane?  The Scarecrow?  He seems a bit old to fight Batman some day.

Oh, wait, he’s a different Dr. Crane.  No, not Fraiser.  Or Niles.  He’s Dr. Gerald Crane.  Jonathan, seen briefly, is his son.

This concludes this opening casting note for this episode write-up.

It’s Gotham, so someone had to die a bizarre death.  That would be a guy hanging from a skyscraper, tied to a chair with a noose around his neck.  Oh, he didn’t die  from the hanging.  He died of fear.

So, this looks like a job for Jim Gordon, Supercop!

He doesn’t get involved right away because he finds Selina in his apartment and has to go to Wayne Manor, meaning Harvey is there when the dead man’s only contact, an attractive woman who was the guy’s sponsor at a Phobias Anonymous group, shows up, and we get to see whether he or Nygma is worse at flirting.  On the one hand, Edward Nygma, suspended because he won’t stay out of the morgue, is weird and maybe getting somewhere since the woman in question seems to see Nygma is flirting and maybe is approving somewhat after multiple episodes.  On the other, Bullock is just as awkward and bad, but the woman is either ignoring it or doesn’t recognize it.

I’m not sure who’s worse.

OK, eventually Gordon and Bullock do seem to get somewhere when they find another member of the group, mortally afraid of pigs, is tied up in a chair being tortured by a guy in a pig mask with some other pigs around, and I thought, Hey, cool!  Professor Pyg!  But no, he was just dumb muscle.  The real culprit, a man harvesting adrenal glands or something from his victims when their fear hits hardest, is a man at the support group, scared his son will fail, calling himself “Tod”.  He’s really Dr. Gerald.  And he’s brave enough to take a woman, the same woman Bullock is smitten with, from right in front of someone he knows is a cop (that would be Bullock).  Don’t worry.  Bullock rescues her with Gordon later.

Meanwhile, Fish tells Maroni who Cobblepot is really working for, and that leads to the Penguin again looking dumb.  There’s some stuff there involving a gun loaded with blanks, Penguin in a car compactor, and Penguin making desperate calls on his cell phone.  That saves his ass.  Not because he called Maroni.  No, he called the guy running the compactor to remind that guy who Carmine Falcone was.

Gotham is a weird show, so why is the highlight being whatever the Penguin is up to?  His intelligence fluctuates depending on the scene, but it’s just so compelling.

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