Gotham “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

Well, once again, I have to question how smart the Penguin’s plans are here.  I mean, he seems to have just moved into Fish’s club without so much as a how do you do, and he somehow expect Maroni not to notice?

Never mind.  Apparently, he has other problems.

The bigger conflict this episode has to do with Gordon and Bullock getting called into a homicide for a narcotics informant.  The narcotics cop in charge, Detective Flass, is a flashy cop that is obviously dirty, so when it turns out he is, oh man is he.

See, like lots of dirty narco cops, Flass and his people don’t just bust drug dealers.  They also sell drugs, possibly with the full knowledge of the higher-ups, or at least the toleration of the cops in the station who all fear him a bit.

Granted, Gordon didn’t know any of that.  All he knew was the informant’s killer was seen by an eye witness, and said witness also died…in the middle of the police station…in the same way as the informant.

That sets off Gordon’s Justice Senses!

Or something.  He figures it had to have been someone inside, like a cop, and Bullock eventually helps him figure out who done it, and it’s one of Flass’s people.  Since Flass at least acts untouchable and the guy Gordon thinks knows stuff won’t talk, well, Gordon has to do something…uncharacteristic.

He asks Cobblepot for help.  Nothing major.  He needs the murder weapon, but he asks no one die in the process.  Penguin agrees and sends some muscle.

Of course, by then Butch has rescued Fish, and not long after Gordon leaves, she comes to take her club back, and the only thing saving Penguin’s bacon is the sudden arrival of Zsasz.

That’s neither here nor there.  Gordon gets his murder weapon and a confession, pinning the crime on Flass, and Gordon’s general courage inspires the rest of the station to slap some cuffs on that asshole.  So, it looks like everything is improving in the GCPD.

Until later when Gordon learns the cop who confessed did so because Penguin’s muscle threatened to kill his wife and kids, leading Gordon to realize he may not have so much arrested Flass but replaced him as scariest cop in the station.

Wait, why did he go to the Penguin for help anyway?  That was kinda dumb.

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