Gotham “Harvey Dent”

Hey, wow!  Harvey Dent!  He’s just a kid in this, right?

No?  OK, how old are Batman’s enemies when he grows up?

Truth be told, much like when we got an episode titled “Selina Kyle,” the episode in question was barely even about the character.  Crusading Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent blows in, does a coin trick, and agrees to help Gordon bring down whoever killed the Waynes no matter how high up the ladder that person is.  Selina provided a description, that got a sketch, and Harvey recognized it as Dick Lovecraft, a crooked billionaire that…

…wait, a billionaire personally killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?  He didn’t just hire a goon?

Hired goons are really the way to go.

Most of the rest of the episode has Gordon and Harvey trying to bring in a mad bomber, but this mad bomber was busted out of jail by other crooks and he was more the angry-mad type than the crazy-mad type in that he targeted weapons manufacturers and the like when the buildings were mostly empty.  They do get that guy back, and it all had something to do with Fish Mooney not to rob someone but to deprive Falcone of money.

Oh, and the Penguin creeped out FIsh’s honeytrap for Falcone because that’s what the Penguin does.

So, what does all this have to do with anything?  Well, Selina needed a place to stay, and since Barbara is gone (back to Montoya apparently), that means Selina needs to go to the only other house that seems to have regular characters in it:  Wayne Manor.

Alfred, of course, was very welcoming to the young woman and nah!  I kid!  Alfred wants her to follow rules and get lost!  Bruce wants to keep her around.  Because, you know, she’s a material witness.

That said, Selina does a couple things.  She tells Bruce his boxing lessons with Alfred won’t be good enough to really fight like she knows he’ll have to,  She does seem to provide Bruce with a look at the real Gotham.  And when she manages to start a food fight with the young billionaire, causing the boy to smile for the first time in ages, well, even Alfred won’t object to that.

Seriously, Alfred, stop being a jerk.

Oh, and Gordon and Bullock did get the bomber back.  He’s going to…Arkham?  Oh my…

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