The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Thirteen: Venom Of The Red Lotus”

Yeah, this show is called The Legend of Korra, but this final part of the third season actually works in such a way where Korra actually doesn’t save the day.  Everyone else does.

Seriously, Asami, the one member of the group with no bending powers, takes out more of the Red Lotus than Korra does.

Thanks to Kai, Korra’s support team found the Red Lotus’s hideout, and thanks to Jinora’s ability to walk the astral plane, she has an exact layout for the Red Lotus’s underground base.  Sure, there are a lot more Lotus types down there, but Zaheer and his two surviving sidekicks really want to kill Korra with a painful poison that will force Korra into the Avatar State and then kill her.

OK, quick question:  what do these guys have against Korra?  She’s not a political leader of any kind.  The Avatar is supposed to be about balance, not necessarily order, and given how badly Korra’s been treated by some world leaders, she might actually be amenable to their philosophy.

But NOOOOOOOOOO, they just want her dead.  The jerks.

Anyway, thanks to Kai, everyone (save Tenzin who is still too beat up to help), goes in and rescues the airbenders.  And while Korra does eventually go into the Avatar State and burst free, mostly that involves chasing Zaheer around as the poison starts to kill her.

That just means her allies can take out the bad guys since she’s too busy dying to actually do it.

Mako and Bolin take on Ghazan and Ming-Hua.  Normally, those two guys do that and get their heads handed to them, but this time goes a little differently.  Mako is able to lightningbend Ming-Hua while she’s standing in an underground lake, and Bolin’s new lavabending skills keep Ghazan busy until Mako can come along to help…and then Ghazan decides to drop the ceiling on his head because he ain’t goin’ back to prison.

As for Zaheer, sure, he knows airbending well enough to fly, but Jinora is a smart kid and she notes there are a lot of airbenders down there, enough to form a whirlwind and bring Zaheer back down to the ground where Lin can earthbend the guy down and keep him from going anywhere.  And sure, that asshole may gloat that Korra is dying in her father’s arms…but then Jinora says the poison was metal-based so Su can bend it out of her.

So, Korra lives, and Jinora is named an Air Master, given her arrows and the Air Nomads will travel the world, offering help to those who need it.  But Korra…she doesn’t look good.  She’s still confined to a wheelchair, and she nearly died.  That’s gonna take some time to heal, and not just physically.

But you know…Asami said she’d be there for Korra if she needs anything…

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