Doctor Who “Ghost Light Part 2”

So, apparently, “Ghost Light” is something of a confusing serial to follow, possibly because the show somehow did not film all the scenes in the original script.

I’ll see if I can figure it out here before moving on to the third and final part.

OK, so, Ace was being attacked by some well-dressed monster men in the odd control room, appropriate because behind a mystery door is a figure known as…Control.

Why not?

Nimrod the Neanderthal butler does wake up to help her because the monster men don’t like bright light.  That’s why the house is only creepy at night.  Then again, the Doctor discovered young Gwendoline, the niece to sunglasses-at-night Josiah Smith, has a hypnotized police inspector in a drawer just below her butterfly collection, so methinks they’re creepy 24 hours a day.  Eventually, the Doctor manages to get down to Ace, but to do that, he has to get a gun from one of the pistol-packin’ maids and slip past Woman in Black Lady Pritchard.  And Lady Pritchard has no problem doing stuff like grabbing Ace by the ponytail or telling Gwendoline she’s a stupid orphan and whatnot, so getting past her is a little trickier than the maids.

But he does, and forcing Smith down to the control room means rescuing Ace and Nimrod.  Smith starts to…devolve I suppose, and they broke a window, but Control got loose so the Doctor likewise sabotaged the elevator.

This is all rather mysterious.  Plus, Reverend Matthews appears to be turning into an ape-man.  That’ll learn him to deny evolution.

So, once the Doctor gets his party safely out of the basement, he goes to confront Smith…only to find Smith, Gwendoline, and Pritchard all more or less frozen in place.  Matthews is too in a small cage of some kind.  He’s an ape-man, so he may not mind.

All this excitement knocks Ace right out.  The Doctor really wants to know what’s going on in this place and why it gave Ace a major feeling like something evil had happened there, so he decides to wake up the inspector.  Too bad Inspector Mackenzie was in a hypnotic trance of some kind for two years and seems more inclined to stuff his face and demand better manners.  Well, at the least, the Doctor can wait for Ace to wake up and maybe she can convince him to get them the hell out of there.

Only she sleeps until just before sundown, and that’s when the crazy starts to happen again.  Heck, Smith has staked out the TARDIS with his nasty minions.  The Doctor and Ace couldn’t leave if they wanted to.

So, the Doctor does the only thing he can at this point:  he helps Control climb her way upstairs.  And behind Control is something that gives off a very bright light indeed…

See, that wasn’t so hard to follow.

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