The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Ten: Long Live The Queen”

You know, with an episode title like “Long Live the Queen,” I somehow suspect this will not go well for the Earth Queen.

I mean, why should it?  The Red Lotus walked right into her palace with the “gift” of Bolin and Mako.  All they ask is to get Korra in exchange for information on where Korra took the Earth Queen’s airbenders.  At no point does the Red Lotus identify themselves.  Because, you know, telling the Earth Queen you recognize no Earthly authority figures probably wouldn’t go over well with such a generally horrible person to begin with.

That gets the brothers tossed into the Earth Queen’s dungeons with a lot of other people, and Bolin may be their only hope if he can successfully metalbend the bars.  He can’t, but he had more luck earlier making friends with some of those Red Lotus guys in a way that charmed me and annoyed Mako.  Stop being such a stick-in-the-mud, Mako!

Of course, by this point, Asami has busted out of her restraints on the Earth Kingdom airship, doing enough damage to let Korra out, and then the Avatar can storm the cockpit and bring the thing down in the desert.  No one is dead, but they are stranded.  They can probably get out using a combination of Korra’s bending skills with Asami’s engineering skills.  Since there’s a large…something swimming through the sands, they had best work fast.

Well, that won’t help much when the creature, some kind of fish monster, actually leaps out and swallows most of the airship.  Fortunately, again, no one died.

Can’t say that for everywhere.  Since Korra isn’t coming, the Red Lotus decide to…renegotiate terms with the Queen.  That means smacking her people around and…killing her?

Um, yeah.  Zaheer uses his bending powers to suffocate her,

How did this guy get so good so fast as airbending?

Well, as it is, Asami is still good at engineering and Korra is still good at bending, so they manage to build a sled like the sandbenders use and shoot away at top speed, just ahead of the fish monster, earning the gratitude of the airship crew who decide to pretend they didn’t see her.

Smart move.

But now we have some messages that need to go out as the Red Lotus “liberates” Ba Sing Se.

First, Zaheer has a message for Korra.

Second, Korra gets a message since the village she and Asami end up in has a few familiar faces like Naga, Pabo, Chief Beifong, Tonraq, and Zuko.

Everyone has news for Korra these days.  Possibly even me.  I’ll have to double check that.

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