Comic Review: The Green Lantern Volume 2

Grant Morrison writes high concept, but generally weird, comics.  His work often comes out better in trade form, and he’s been working on, of all things, the current adventures of DC’s Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.  The basic concept is that Hal Jordan is not so much a superhero as he is a space cop.

I wrote the first trade up a little over a year ago, so here I am with some thoughts on Volume 2, subtitled The Day the Stars Fell.

After a couple quick one-off adventures involving Hal trapped inside his own rign and a Green Arrow team-up, the main thrust of the story seems to be a problem in the greater mutliverse.  The Qwa-Man is coming from the anti-matter universe of Qward, and a distress call from an alternate Earth summons not only Hal but Green Lanterns from a few other dimensions, including one where Batman because the Green Lantern and a hippie who may or may not be tripping on all kinds of drugs.  There’s also the presence of the Tangent Green Lantern who can summon the dead, and a Carol Ferris from another reality.

Hal is acting a bit weird in this one, truth be told.  He should know full-well this Carol is not the one he knows, but he keeps acting like she is and asking about her until that Carol outright points out she’s not his Carol.

However, the Qwa-Man is a bit of a treat.  His dialogue is written as if it came from a mirror, and his true identity and what he is on the Qward side fits in well with the greater context for other things happening in the story.

However, the first volume dealt heavily with Hal going undercover to find out what was going on inside a new, more fascist version of the Darkstars, and that group may not have been as defeated as they appeared to be as this volume comes to and end.

That said, Morrison can be a bit hit-or-miss, and this one is a bit more miss than hit.  I had a bit of trouble following what was going on due to how Morrison’s usual style of dialogue doesn’t always seem to match up very well.  The ideas, as they generally are, are rather cool, but the storytelling style sometimes makes said ideas and story hard to follow.  Ultimately, this one ends with something of a cliffhanger to what sounds like a much bigger story.  I may be able to make more sense of this one if I read it through a couple more times.  That’s what usually works.  But for now, let’s say 7.5 out of 10 wizard quests.

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