The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Seven: Original Airbenders”

I’m starting to think that Tenzin may not be that good a teacher after all.

Then again, he seems to learn as much as he instructs, so it isn’t completely hopeless.

See, Tenzin may be responsible for raising up a next generation of Air Nomads, but that doesn’t mean he can really handle it.  Part of the problem is he’s dealing with mostly adults who maybe didn’t ask to be airbenders.  And while Tenzin is very gung-ho about being as calm and sedate as possible, that doesn’t mean other people are.  Especially when his big brother Bumi is the class clown and right there.

If only there was something that he could do.  Korra, on the radio, suggests maybe tricking Bumi into giving something away.  After all, as a military man, he must know something.  And it turns out tricking him isn’t that hard.

So…Tenzin turns Air Nation training into his own idea of boot camp, and while Kai seems to be finishing things OK, well…he’s one of the few.  And Bumi doesn’t want to be a recruit anymore and quits.

Then Jinora, who actually has shown some talent as an instructor, loses it when Tenzin says she can’t have her Air Master tattoos.  She goes off to sulk, and Kai suggests they go check out the baby air bisons nearby.

That turns out to be a good and bad idea because of some poachers.  It seems the Earth Queen will eat anything, including possibly her father’s pet bear.

Wait, that bear was awesome!  This Queen sucks!

So, can Jinora and Kai gets loose and save some endangered species?

Um, sort of.  Jinora can send a spirit for help.  Bumi can get the message (more or less) and rally the others to go after one of their own.  And Tenzin by then was looking for Jinora himself after Pema reminded him not to be a jerk because being an Air Nomad is, like, really hard.

Consequently, by the time Tenzin arrived, most of the poachers were taken down by Bumi and Co., and Kai knocked the last one down pretty hard, earning a mild reminder from Tenzin that Air Nomads don’t really do that sort of thing but the kid had really good form regardless.

So, the new recruits learned that being an airbender is kinda cool, and Tenzin learned how to be a better teacher and maybe let his daughter get her arrows.  That’s…rather sweet, I suppose.

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