The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Four: In Harm’s Way”

So, here we go with a whole lotta jailbreakin’ goin’ on.

Not all of it for the better or for the worse.

On the bad side, Zaheer manages to get his posse up to that frozen prison, and it seems as if that P’Li is potent in her own right once she gets that headgear off her third eye.

Are those third eyes like tattoos or something?  Asking for a friend.

Point is, Zaheer, a self-trained airbender, working with lavabender Ghazan and water-for-armsbender Ming-Hua manage to get around Zuko, Tonraq, Eska, Desna, and Zuko’s firebreathing dragon to pull P’Li out and ride off in a snowmobile of some kind.  Zuko seems to be the only one conscious enough to watch them go, but this is Zuko, and I am sadly used to seeing that guy lose fights.

On the other hand, there’s Korra and her gang in Ba Sing Se, where the Queen’s rules and refusal to cooperate come to a hard head when Bolin and Mako show up to tell Korra where the city’s airbenders are.  That press gang sure was nasty, even if Kai seems to be learning the fastest.  Then again, Kai keeps mouthing off, so they toss him in solitary.

Can Korra and her allies free the airbenders?  Asami buys them more time by lying about the need to repair her airship, but how do they find the missing airbenders?

Turns out Jinora can still spirit-walk.  She finds Kai easily enough, and that means the gang can go rescue everybody with reinforcements from Chief Beifong, there to tell Tenzin and Korra about Zaheer’s escape.  It seems Zaheer’s group tried to kidnap Korra when she was a kid 13 years earlier, and that was the real reason Tonraq and Tenzin kept Korra hidden as long as they did.

Is that a retcon?  Sounds like a retcon.

So, can Korra and her friends take out the Dai Li and rescue the airbenders, especially Kai who is being held separately from the others?  Um, yeah.  Easily.  It means using the airship, Tenzin’s air bison, and none of Bumi’s plans that require more people and some explosives.  Sure, there’s a trap and the Queen promises this is an act of war, but she can’t stop sneezing when the bison sheds on her as everyone flies away, so maybe she had a good reason not to allow animals in her presence.

It also means Tenzin, after asking the rescued airbenders if any of them want to be Air Nomads, gets a few volunteers and the start of a reborn country.

That sounds cool.  He has some people to train while Korra and some of the others continue their search elsewhere.

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