Doctor Who “The Greatest Show In The Galaxy Part 3”

Well, that nerdy Whizz Kid character sure was useful to the plot…in that he showed up at the circus, gushed for a bit over it and Captain Cook, and then died.

How useful.

I suppose that sort of thing goes a long way to establish that Cook is a dick and a minor villain to this serial, but we didn’t need all that.  We saw him rat out the Doctor and Mags, and we hear him say his whole plan to stay alive is to continually trick other people into going out into the ring ahead of himself.  Doing that to a dorky fan just underlines what we already knew.

Ah, but Cook did send the clowns after the Doctor and Mags!  And…the Doctor got away somehow.  I don’t know how exactly.  Either it happened when I wasn’t quite paying attention or it happened off-screen somewhere.  But that’s about when Cook makes it clear he’s a dick, Mags confirms he’s a dick, and Cook says something ominous about moons and silver bullets to Mags.

Well, the Doctor is close to a solution, and he first finds a guy named Dead Beat, and then those two find Ace and Bellboy in the Robot Repair Cart.  Dead Beat is important, apparently, and the Doctor thinks he has a solution, but it will involve everyone working together to defeat the Chief Clown and his minions.  Since Bellboy feels guilty for letting Flowerchild die, he opts to stay behind while Ace and Dead Beat head off to check out that bottomless pit that isn’t so bottomless because there’s an eyeball in the bottom and the Doctor goes off to act as a distraction.  For that, he needs Cook’s and Mags’s help.  The Doctor figures if all three go out into the ring to perform at the same time, they can keep things confusing enough for that bland family to not kill anyone.

And Cook, well, he’s a dick.  He asks the Ringmaster to do some kind of full moon lighting effect.

And that would be when Mags starts contorting on the ground and growing fangs.

Cook is a real dick.

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