YouTube Selection: An Irishman Talks The Leprechaun Movies

If you’ve ever met an Irishman, and I mean someone actually from Ireland and not some American who has ancestors from there and likes to think of themselves as Irish (the Irish have a real opinion on that), you’d know they don’t always take too kindly to how their culture is portrayed in American pop culture.

YouTuber Ryan Hollinger analyzes horror movies, and for his most recent video, he looked all of the movies in The Leprechaun franchise.

No one would claim The Leprechaun movies are high art or anything, and its doubtful anyone would claim they represent actual Irish folklore, but that doesn’t mean they may not have something worth talking about for someone who looks at horror movies in general.  Besides, Hollinger probably offers a somewhat unique view on this sort of thing given where he’s from and where the movie’s makers are from.  See below to see if he liked anything about the series.

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