The Legend Of Korra Book Three “Chapter Three: The Earth Queen”

Well, let’s go check in on another location from the original series.  That’s been a lot of fun, seeing the changes that have been made, and Ba Sing Se was an incredibly impressive place when the original show’s Team Avatar went there.  Now, with Asami’s airship flying over the place, we can see how much the city has hopefully improved over…wait, it looks worse.

Yeah, the old Earth King may have been completely blind to whatever was going on, but at least the city itself seemed to function.  Here we have a new Earth Queen, Hou-Ting, and she’s…colorful.  Yeah, colorful works.  Lots of rules to follow to even talk to her, and she makes a demand from Korra before she’ll help locate any airbenders within the walls of Ba Sing Se:  collect some taxes that keep getting swiped by bandits.

I have seen enough cartoons to know this is not a good thing.

I mean, from an entertainment perspective, it’s great.  Bolin and Mako end up chasing Kai around when the boy goes back to his thievin’ ways, so Asami and Korra go by themselves, and the bandits are a large, rough force that look like they usually run afoul of Mad Max, and even though the two women beat the bandits handily, even Korra thinks the leader might be right when he yells back about how they’re on the wrong side for this since the Queen lives in luxury while everyone else seems to live in a craphole.

That would be what Bolin and Mako discover when a fruit vendor who thinks they’re either insulting his rather crappy wares or trying to steel from him.  The man turns out to be their cousin when the vendor’s father shows up, recognizes the two boys, and takes them home to see the grandmother they never met in a small house with a lot of people.  It’s a nice scene, one that ends with Mako giving his grandma his father’s old scarf.

Oh, and they also mention how airbenders all over the city are vanishing.

Just as the Queen tells Korra there aren’t any airbenders in Ba Sing Se.

And Kai is taken away by some goons in the Dai Li who claim the boy’s in the army now.  This may have something to do with the way the Queen appears angry Republic City exists on former Earth Kingdom territory.

Then again, while this is going on, Zuko has reached the North Pole where he meets with the chiefs of both Water Tribes:  Tonraq from the South and…Desna and Eska from the North?!?

Those two seem a little too excited to learn there’s a secret prison they didn’t know about deep in the ice.  It seems there’s a dangerous firebender down there named P’Li.  She can blow stuff up with her mind and must be kept in extreme cold.  Zuko says something about how he hired a guy like that to kill the Avatar once, but it didn’t work.  Eska…talks about how she also tried to kill the Avatar once, so…bonding?

Anyway, P’Li says she knows someone is coming to bust her out.  That sounds rather ominous…,

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