Gotham “Spirit Of The Goat”

You know, Edward “Riddler” Nigma has been hanging around the background as a crime scene analyst this whole time, and I haven’t said much about him, mostly because he’s just a creepy weirdo that doesn’t have much to do to advance the plot most weeks.

That’s still true here, but I just thought I’d throw that out as he tries to…flirt with a woman.  Um, ew.

No, instead, Gotham has an honest-to-goodness supervillain with the clumsy name of the “Spirit of the Goat”.  It just trips off the tongue, doesn’t it?  Ten years earlier, the Spirit of the Goat was murdering the oldest (adult from the looks of things) children from Gotham’s 1%, and he was stopped in the most fatal way possible by…Harvey Bullock.

Bullock has always come across as a lazy cop (at best), one who is too scared to do anything to stop the mob from running the city including the police force.  He’s not necessarily corrupt, but he likewise won’t break a sweat to do much about the evils of the city.  He sure isn’t as honest a cop as his boyscout partner Jim Gordon.  So, it can be a bit surprising when we see him, ten years earlier with his former partner Detective Dix (character actor Dan Hedaya!) stop the guy, even if it cost Dix the use of his legs.

By the by, Dan Hedaya is one of those character actors who are pretty easy to recognize and have done a lot of stuff, so imagine my disappointment that he only has two scenes in this episode.  Then again, Carol Kane returned as Oswold’s overly nurturing mother, so maybe he isn’t as done as he seems to be.

Funny thing is, even Gordon has a hard time believing Bullock actually cares about justice.  But when what looks like a copycat Spirit of the Goat comes along, he and Bullock catch the guy who knows a little too much about the old killer.  But then again, this episode shows something this series hasn’t so far:  Bullock is actually good at his job when he wants to be.  He figures out the real culprit is a hypnotherapist programming guys to be Goats, Spirits or otherwise, to punish the rich, and he even brings her in by himself.  Alive no less!

Gordon is spending most of the episode dodging Montoya and Allen as they get a dock drunk to tell them Gordon killed Cobblepot.  C’mon, a dock drunk?  That’s the best they can do?  Sure, they do arrest Gordon (and Bullock as an accomplice), but then Cobblepot walks into the station and shows everyone he’s still alive and Gordon murdered nobody.

Bullock isn’t happy about that.

I’m more baffled because it sure does seem like a stupid way for the Penguin to keep a low profile.

For ongoing stuff. Selina steals evidence of something from Wayne Manor while Bruce sleeps nearby, and Bruce sadly says he won’t be a target to any spirit of any goat because there’s no one left for his death to hurt.  Sorry, Alfred.

But man.  Guys in gimp masks claiming to channel dead goats.  That might be weird even for this city.

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