Doctor Who “Silver Nemesis Part 3”

So, that was the final appearance of the Cybermen from the classic era of the show.  Kinda embarrassing for them all told.

It didn’t go well for anyone else either.

For starters, the Nazis suck at this.  Their leader does temporarily escape the Cybermen, but he gets gunned down later, so he sucked on every possible level.  Lousy Nazis…

Lady Peinforte?  She does a little better.  She and her sidekick Richard manage to successfully hitchhike to the location of the Nemesis, a machine that has woken up and taken some instructions from the Doctor to take out the Cybermen’s war fleet.  That came after the Doctor actually just walked into the chamber the Cybermen were in, placed the bow near the Nemesis, and then took off again with Ace in the TARDIS.

Ace, meanwhile, continued her streak of taking out the Doctor’s enemies with childish ease.  First it was a Dalek with a baseball bat, and now it’s Cybermen with a bunch of gold coins and a slingshot.

But all things must come to an end.  The Cybermen surround the Doctor and demand the Nemesis.  The Nazis are dead and gone by then, and Peinforte arrives to threaten the Doctor:  she knows the Doctor’s secrets, and she’ll tell everyone what they are if he doesn’t turn the Nemesis over to her.

Yeah, small problem there:  the Cybermen don’t care what the Doctor’s secrets are, Ace already knows the basics, and Peinforte doesn’t really know anything.  She jumps into the Nemesis and merges with it or something screwy.

So, the Cybermen won?  Well, the Doctor asks if the Nemesis understands the Cybermen’s orders.  She does.  It takes off and destroys the Cyber-fleet because, well, the Doctor asked if the living metal weapon understood the directions.  He never told it to obey those directions.

That just left the Cyber Leader, who does have a rather cool voice.  But Peinforte had a sidekick named Richard, and there was one last gold-tipped arrow stuck in the TARDIS.  So, draw your own conclusions.  The Doctor and Ace even take the chastised Richard back to the 17th century because he was just doing his job and trying to help.

And once there, Richard introduces the people there to jazz.


This was a silly one.  It’s a good thing I like silly.

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