The Legend Of Korra Book Two “Chapter Fourteen: Light In The Dark”

I’ve spent a lot of time discussing how, for this show, I am generally more interested in the older characters than the younger ones.  And while that is generally true, it isn’t that I am uninterested in Korra.  She’s awesome in her own way.

Episodes like this one show why.

Sure, Korra may have had the spirit of Raava ripped from her, and with it her access to her past lives and the likelihood that she can reincarnate into another Avatar, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do anything.  Tenzin is there, and he is quick to point out that the Tree of Time is, like, right there, and if she tried meditating there, she might find some answers.

There is one, of course.  Raava isn’t dead.  Vaatu can’t kill Raava anymore than Raava can kill Vaatu because one can’t exist without the other.  And then Korra’s spirit comes out, goes all Apache Chief, and attacks the Unalaq/Vaatu merged monster that was attacking Republic Ciry.

Oh, and Varrick escaped prison, but that’s neither here nor there.

Now, there are some moments in this episode where Unalaq/Vaatu seem to gain the upper hand, but Korra actually spends a lot of time handing them their merged ass.  She gets a little back-up from Jinora, but by and large, she does manage to pull a remnant of Raava out of the monster and disintegrate the merged being.  Unalaq is dead, Vaatu is imprisoned again, and all is well.

Just in time, too.  Dark spirits were storming the location, and Tenzin, Kya, Bolin, and Mako could only hold them off for so long.  Bumi can’t do much, and even the twins finally deciding to help out means they can only slow the spirits down.  But with Vaatu imprisoned again, all the spirits return to normal, and Korra…opts to leave the portals open because it’s time for a change.

Guess what Book Three is called.

And then we come to an end.  Korra declares the Southern Tribe independent because apparently she can just do that.  Her father is now the chief he was always destined to be.  Jinora is fine.  Everything seems to be going well.

Aside from Mako and Korra breaking up.  That was actually a rather effective scene, showing true understanding that though they care for each other, they really aren’t that good as a couple.  It went a lot better for them than it did with Bolin and Eska.  Eska figures it’s for the best, but she’ll have some deadpan nostalgia for Bolin for all time.

But Korra still doesn’t have contact with her past lives, so I hope she doesn’t need to consult them for advice again any time soon.  Then again, if Korra is meant to represent a new kind of Avatar, this seems like a good way to prove it.

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