Doctor Who “Silver Nemesis Part 2”

So, hold on.  The Doctor and Ace have three different groups all trying to get some kind of ultimate weapon.  One is a group of (admittedly well-armed) Neo-Nazis.  One is a 17th century sorceress and her sidekick.  And the last is the Cybermen, beings generally immune to things like bullets.

How does this not sound one-sided to anyone else?

Actually, it is one-sided…for the Nazis.  And Nazis are terrible, so I don’t mind.  They have some maneuvers to keep themselves from dying, but it doesn’t look like they can do much to even slow the Cybermen down.

Lady Peinforte, on the other hand, has arrows with heads tipped in gold.  She can kill Cybermen, and the Cybermen…recognize her?  How long has this woman been making trouble for people not from this world?  Regardless, she and her henchman do manage to take down a couple Cybermen.  The Doctor, seeing an opening, swipes the bow and makes a run for the TARDIS with Ace.

See, the Doctor once launched the Silver Nemesis into space.  It has three necessary components:  the arrow, the bow, and the statue.  The Doctor has the bow.  Lady Peinforte has the arrow.  The Cybermen have the statue’s location.  And the Nazis have the case the bow was in that they didn’t know was empty because Stupid Nazis.

And then the fun begins as the Doctor starts messing with everyone as he tries to get to the statue next.  See, it turns out the Silver Nemesis was a weapon the Time Lords built to defend Gallifrey.  Like all kinds of Gallifrean stuff the Time Lords build, it got off the planet somehow and is very destructive, mostly because it was built by Omega and Rassilon.  You know, the two most powerful and revered Time Lords in all of Time Lord history until they both became bad guys or something and the Doctor had to beat them.

Something tells me that weapon is far too powerful for anyone to use.  Apparently, the Doctor launched it into space in the 17th century to prevent Peinforte from getting it, and it comes back every 25 years.  The last three times saw a pair of World Wars and the death of JFK.

Then again, the Doctor does have some fun when he uses a jazz album to jam the Cybermen communications.  And then he asks Ace to blow up their ship because of course Ace had some explosives on her person.

Now, there are some wrinkles.  See, Lady Peinforte only has so many arrows.  She and her buddy are tough enough to handle some skinhead muggers, but they can’t take out all of the Cybermen.  Plus, the sidekick may have gone a little insane when Peinforte went to his grave to find the statue.

And then the Nazis team up with the Cybermen since, you know, Nazis don’t have a gold weakness.  Sure, both sides plan on betraying the other, but it does seem as if they get closer to the statue even as the Nazis realize they don’t have the bow.

It’s something of a mess.

Oh, and then the Doctor realizes there’s a way to scan the skies for more Cybermen because there’s no way these guys only came in one ship.

And they didn’t.

That sure is a lot of Cybermen up there…

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