Doctor Who “The Happiness Patrol Part 3”

Given how far in advance I write these, you wouldn’t know to see it how much I’ve slowed down watching Doctor Who.  There’s a couple good reasons for that.  First, I need to see if Fox puts out a schedule for the upcoming season of The Simpsons since an animated show doesn’t need to slow down production due to the pandemic.  The second is, well, there’s isn’t much of the classic series left.  Now, I can and will proceed with Doctor Who write-ups once I finish up the classic era.  I have some stuff set aside for the Eighth Doctor already and plans for the Ninth on, but that doesn’t mean I want to go too far ahead just yet since there are still a few things I want to figure out like when or if to also cover Torchwood (very likely) or The Sarah Jane Adventures (not as but still likely).

That said, let’s see how the Seventh Doctor foils a woman who wants everyone to be superficially happy or else.

And it turns out it really isn’t that hard.  About the most amazing thing involved here is how the Doctor seems to always appear right where he needs to without too much effort.  Helen A’s idea of happiness is, well, lame.  It’s also easily foiled.  You just have to look happy.  Even the killjoys and the Doctor’s blues musician friend have figured that out.  The armed women of the Happiness Patrol can’t do anything to anyone who is having a good laugh.  As such, simply drawing them out, with Ace, and laughing hysterically while pointing out how utterly useless the Happiness Patrol actually is not only allows the Doctor to rescue Ace, but also to swipe a dune buggy to tear around the colony some more.

You’d think, given the high number of people Helen A had killed that someone would have figured that out by now.

Regardless, from there, the Doctor only needs to go with the sewer-dwelling Pipe People, avoid Helen A’s pet rat-dog-handpuppet thing Fifi, and take down the Kandy Man.  And these are also easy.  The Pipe People are already friendly and know their ways around.  Fifi dies when the musician gets the beast to howl loud enough to bring a weak roof down upon itself.  And the Kandy Man is still made of candy and easily scared off with a hot poker that could melt it.  Later, that weird robot thing will dissolve in the sewers when the Doctor flushes the deadly sweet liquid Kandy Man made for Helen A down the drain.

Seriously, what a useless robot.

All that’s left is to tell Helen A off.  See, the Doctor realizes, much like the characters in Inside Out, that all this stuff Helen A was doing was only pathetic, superficial displays of happiness.  Plus, true happiness only really comes with you sometimes feel sadness so you have something to compare it to.  And Helen A does feel true misery at the end of all that.  Oh, she didn’t mind that her husband took off in the only escape rocket.  No, Fifi’s death hit her like a freight train.

Well, everything gets love from someone, I guess.

Anyway, the people are free to paint over all the pink everywhere now, reintroduce the blues, and make the colony more, you know, normal.  And once Ace finishes giving the TARDIS its usual blue color back, I am sure she and the Doctor can move on to the next adventure.

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