Gotham “Viper”

You know, I am not sure how smart some of these people are.

Mostly Cobblepot.

So, let’s be clear about one thing here:  this show, unlike my other weekday selections, ran on one of the major networks, and that means a hell of a lot more episodes per season than anything else I’ve done so far.  Heck, this one probably has the largest number of episodes period.  As such, I can expect the show to move at what may feel like a glacial pace with the long term plot only gradually revealing itself if Gotham even has one.  It’s not like young Bruce will be trying on capes by the end of episode seven.  We have a ways to go yet to get there first.

Take this episode where someone is passing out a mystery drug that grants temporary superhuman strength before it kills the user when said user’s bones disintegrate.  Before that happens, they will chug milk to replace lost calcium.  Now, if you were me and I know I am, you’d ask why Gordon and Bullock, who appear to be homicide cops, are investigating a narcotics case.  That’s a good question, and the episode even takes the time to explain it as being in part the two just happened to be nearby when the first guy to use some stole an ATM machine by ripping it out of the wall of a store with his bare hands and carrying it away.  Later, said guy tries to throw it at Gordon and Bullock only for his bones to go and have the thing come down on top of him instead.

Didn’t I see a death like that in Breaking Bad?  You know, without the skin going CGI pale and the bones turning into goop?  OK, so it only barely happened on Breaking Bad.  Why aren’t we doing a Breaking Bad rewatch around here anyway?  Breaking Bad was awesome.

OK, that’s all neither here nor there.  Let’s get down to business.  Gordon and Bullock learn the drug had to come from a very advanced lab, like the kind a Wayne Enterprises subsidiary runs, and the company, as both Gordon and Bullock on one end learn and young Bruce pieces together on the other, has some people there who are up to no good.  The drug, called “Viper,” is apparently a prototype for “Venom”.  And we all know how Venom works in Batman’s universe.

So, without going into too much, Bruce is wondering why both Falcone and Maroni got a piece of the Arkham project.  The show makes it clear Bruce’s parents weren’t involved in that sort of thing, but Bruce, he wants justice.  Not revenge as Alfred speculates, but justice.  But then comes the dumber parts of the episode.

First, we see Fish is training her young singer to basically be a honeypot trap for Falcone.  Man, I thought the plan to bring the top guy down would be better than that, but we’ll see how that turns out.

And then Cobblepot, nicknamed “Penguin” on the job in a move Maroni says Cobblepot should embrace, tells Maroni exactly who he is and where he came from.

Naturally, that leads to Maroni roughing Cobblepot up and then bringing in Gordon to see if the stories match.  They do, so Cobblepot will live another day.  But why tell Maroni?  That made no sense.  It seemed like a very dumb move, and while Cobblepot may not be a criminal masternind, he also isn’t an idiot.

Or is he?

Then again, the chemist making the Viper inhaled a large dose and jumped off a building’s roof, so I’m not sure what happened to him or how complicit the Wayne Enterprises board is with whatever corruption is going on in Gotham City just yet.  But, again, I should probably stay patient because this is only the 5th episode in a 100 episode run.  I have a ways to go yet before I see, say, Bruce try on a cape.

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