Doctor Who “The Happiness Patrol Part 2”

Hmm.  I’m starting to see why this Doctor is some sort of grand chessmaster.  Sure, he beat the Daleks easily enough in the previous serial with a long-delayed booby trap, but this time around seems even more ambitious and weird.

Ambitious would be one thing if you consider his last plan eliminated the entire Dalek homeworld and every Dalek presumably in the universe.  Weird because there’s a robot made of candy.  The Kandy Man isn’t some machine that has candies in its center.  No, it actually is made of candy, and that makes it ridiculously easy for the Doctor to beat, so even while he and his blues musician friend are tied to chairs and about to be killed by whatever it is the Kandy Man has whipped up, he just asks the robot a bunch of questions while it is standing too close to a hot stove, and then once some sugary liquids are spilled at its feet, well, it’s stuck there because partially melted sugar is stuck to all that like glue.  And since this Doctor knows some stage magic, escaping is rather simple.

So, once loose, the blues musician goes off to play his harmonica (seriously) which allows the Doctor to get the better of a census taker who won’t answer questions by giving the man a case of pleasant melancholy.  As such, the Doctor can ask the census taker the same questions the census taker asked him, and give the census taker the same noncommital answers to bluff his way into the office of dictator Helen A.  Just in time to hear her order a routine execution…

So, really, the Doctor just keeps appearing wherever he needs to be, back to the musician to encourage him to keep playing, and then off to make a deal with the Kandy Man to save the woman about to be executed since the Kandy Man controls the flow of killer sugar.  That involves freeing the Kandy Man when it promises to help and then making it stick to the floor again when it tries to attack the Doctor after keeping its promise.

As killer robots go, the Kandy Man sucks.

So, really, the Doctor seems to be everywhere he needs to be.  Does that include the Happiness Patrol auditions where, if you don’t make it, you die?

He better.  Ace is auditioning next, and I don’t think she can win a talent show right now.

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