Doctor Who “The Happiness Patrol Part 1”

So…that’s the Kandy Man?  Good grief.  What a delightfully stupid-looking thing he is.

But I get ahead of myself here.  The TARDIS materializes on the future human colony of Terra Alpha, where everyone seems to have painted their faces pale and died their hair green.  Oh, and people who seem unhappy are arrested.  Being unhappy can be seen as wearing black, reading poetry (aside from limericks) or going out in the rain without an umbrella.  You know, all the superficial things.  Heaven help you if a loved one dies and you don’t get over it immediately.  That’s how the colony’s ruler Helen A wants it.

Yes, everyone here goes by a first name and a single letter.

Into all this appears the TARDIS.  And because nicknames are not allowed (sorry, Ace) and badges are required (sorry, Doctor), both the Doctor and Ace are soon arrested.  They go to a “waiting area” where a former jokewriter who has since become one of the unhappy “killjoys” explains there are three punishments.  One is the waiting area.  One is the Kandy Man.  And the last one is…something.

That one turns out to be execution by drowning in a tube of liquid candy from the looks of things.

This planet sucks.

As it is, the Doctor and Ace steal a go-kart and take off at a rate of speed that their pursuers should be able to catch up to with a light jog.  But the thing breaks down soon after.  Ace goes to create a distraction, getting captured again while the Doctor manages to find another refugee (a med student turned blues musician from the looks of things) and sneak off somewhere else.

Ace, she might be about to be shot.  That would be bad.

The Doctor and his new friend find a kitchen.  There, they get cornered by the Kandy Man, a weird robot that looks like it’s made of candy dispenses and speaks in a high-pitched voice, making it ridiculous and deadly.

That would also be bad.

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