Gotham “Arkham”

OK, so…more insanity.  I would have thought “Arkham” would refer to the infamous asylum, but nope!  It’s a whole neighborhood in the center of Gotham.

So, in this universe, the city will house its most dangerous criminals in the dead center of town?  Yeah, that makes sense…at least Nolan’s Arkham Asylum was set on an island in the middle of town…

But hold on, what does this have to do with, well, anything?  Apparently, Bruce’s parents had plans to develop the Arkham neighborhood into something with quality, low cost housing and to turn the old asylum into a more modern mental health facility.  That doesn’t sound so bad.

So, this being Gotham, it will all go to crap when a hitman with a protruding spike weapon shows up and kills a city councilman.  Then he kills another later despite the guy being on the opposite side of the gang war over the Arkham neighborhood.

That’s right.  There’s a gang war going on between Marconi’s people and Falcone’s.  They each lost one city councilman.  So, the hitman is a pitch hitter who will work for whoever pays his bills.  It ain’t much, but it is all that Gordon and Bullock have.

OK, Gordon also has Cobblepot’s showing up at his apartment and pleading for help or something.  Sure, Cobblepot knows he’s supposed to be dead. Sure, he knows if people find out he’s alive, he and Gordon will both be killed.  And sure, he can provide Gordon with intel to maybe bring down a mob or two.  But why should anyone trust that weirdo?

Though he does get a promotion at Marconi’s restaurant after the manager dies during a robbery, and after he also saved a bag full of money.  It’s always good to hold onto a bad full of money.

Well, to cut to the chase, I wasn’t much impressed by the hitman.  Gordon figures out Mayor James is the next target, and even though the guy gets Gordon’s gun, Bullock shows up to back his partner up a bit.  And what does this genius with his extend-o spear opt to do?  Say something out loud about how professionals always finish the job when he’s standing a good distance from the mayor and between two armed cops.  Yes, that genius was shot multiple times.

And then the mayor compromises on the Arkham deal, allowing both mobsters to maybe claim victory while young Bruce at Stately Wayne Manor understands that something screwy is going on there.

Then again, there are other things afoot.  Fish is auditioning new talent.  One can sing.  The other can seduce.  Fish basically has them fight it out, and the singer dies from the looks of things.

Oh, and Cobblepot set up the robbery to get promoted at the restaurant before taking out his three stooges with some poisoned canolli.

Yeah, Cobblepot is not helping anyone but Cobblepot.  It’s not a surprise, but the guy sure does look like he enjoys his work.

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