Weekend Trek “The Outrageous Okona”

So, do people of the 24th century even recognize a disreputable person when they see one?  I ask because, well, there’s a character in this episode described as a “rogue” and he doesn’t seem so bad compared to a lot of characters.  Harry Mudd he is not.

Still, Jimmy and Tom had some thoughts on the subject.

“The Outrageous Okona”

A rogue pilot comes to the Enterprise while Data tries to understand comedy.

jimmy:  Too bad Teri Hatcher didn’t become a regular cast member. For her transporter skills of course.

tomk:  She wasn’t happy most of her scenes were cut and asked to go unlisted in the credits. Otherwise we might have seen how much the Rocketeer meant to her. Or how she knew where his room was before he did.

jimmy:  I think he went to her room…as well as the rooms of several other hot, never to be seen again harp girls.

tomk:  I thought someone escorted him to a guest room and she was already there.

Plus, at least his Harp Girls were real. Hard to believe that actor almost got cast as Riker…

jimmy:  He was walking with Data and asked where room “809” or whatever was.  So, I assumed she had given him his room number.  Either way…

Did he?

tomk:  You may have seen it more recently than I did. Have a gold star.

jimmy:  So he was a finalist to play Riker?

I can see that.

tomk:  Rick Berman liked him. Others thought he looked too soft. Later, Okona was the Rocketeer.

jimmy:  Good movie.  He’s definitely softer looking then Frakes.

tomk:  Especially bearded Frakes.

jimmy:  Yeah, he had a chance against season 1 Frakes, but not now.

tomk:  Instead, we get the most harmless-looking rogue in TV history.

jimmy:  Was he really much of a rogue?  He didn’t steal the jewel or sleep with the girl.  Well…that girl anyway.

tomk:  Troi, when asked about him, used that word. I get the impression these people don’t know what a real rogue looks like.

Also, “rogue” is not a feeling or emotion.

jimmy:  She used some other more colorful terms to describe him first.  Dreamy was one I think.

tomk:  Well, women just melt for him.

jimmy:  He’s the Anti-Jimmy.

tomk:  So…Watson?

jimmy:  No.  Watson is the Douche-Jimmy.

tomk:  Ah.

“Worlds will live!  Worlds will die!  There will be a Jimmy!”

jimmy:  :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder how many more scenes Hatcher actually had.  I can’t see much of “here’s my room number” and “hey baby, I gotta leave and go to the bridge” being very key or lengthy.

tomk:  She probably got interrupted by Worf too.

Picard at least had the grace to seem awkward about fraternization.

jimmy:  Though he said it was ok.

tomk:  Yeah, but it was like telling your girlfriend’s dad what you do with the fuzzy handcuffs.

jimmy:  What I do with them?

tomk:  What somebody does.

jimmy:  Probably those two kids who were obviously guilty in the background of the first transmissions.

tomk:  Yeah.  For an outrageous rogue, Okona isn’t really much of either.

jimmy:  He’s as good a rogue as Data is a stand up comic.

tomk:  Ah yes.  The other plot.

jimmy:  Starring Ronald D Moore as the comedian.

tomk:  Trivia time:  the comic was originally going to be comedy legend Jerry Lewis.  Lewis’s schedule was too full, so Joe Piscopo came in instead, and Piscopo ad-libbed most of his lines.

jimmy:  And showed a Jerry Lewis impersonation is as funny today as it was in 1988.  Umm…

tomk:  Yeah…

jimmy:  Data had quite a set of teachers though in Piscopo and Goldberg.

tomk:  Yeah…but Guinan’s “droid/annoyed” joke sucked too.

jimmy:  The best joke was “Take my Worf, please.”

tomk:  Goes to show what Data did wrong.  He took lessons from the comedy genius behind this:

jimmy:  I knew it was the bears and the beer trucks.

tomk:  See, those laser-carryin’ guys should have checked the beer trucks with all the bears in them.

jimmy:  I’m surprised Pulaski didn’t show up to make fun of Data.

tomk:  That’s what you get when you’re only a guest star.

jimmy:  Poor Data though. Try as he might, he just can’t get it.

tomk:  Okona got it.  From Teri Hatcher.  And unlike a Harp Girl, she’s real, and she’s fantastic.

jimmy:  She is indeed.

And spectacular.

tomk:  That too.

I did think it odd at the end when Data inadvertently makes the bridge crew laugh that as he tries again, Picard and Riker just quickly order the ship to warp despite the obvious fact Data will still be on the bridge when the Enterprise zips away.

jimmy:  What do you mean?

Or is that a typo?

tomk:  Data tries to tell a joke.  As he does, Picard and Riker order the ship to leave.  But Data is still on the ship, so he will still be there to tell his joke no matter how quickly they fly away.

jimmy:  You mean Okona?

tomk:  “Say goodbye, Data.”

“Goodbye, Data.”

Did he not make Wesley chuckle?

Man, if so, I am bad at this this week.

jimmy:  Data gets lots is laughs unintentionally.

tomk:  Right.  So, he tries intentionally, but Picard and Riker act like they need to get going right away even though Data will still be on the bridge.

It’s like trying to ignore a Watson joke in slack without even changing the channel.

jimmy:  It’s unpossible.


jimmy:  Speaking of the bridge…I know that the crew doesn’t work around the clock, and I’m sure he still has studies to attend to, but I always find it weird when Wesley isn’t at his station. Particularly in an episode when he’d already appeared.   I was sure that that red shirt was going to die.

tomk:  Wesley was too busy being unimpressed by a potential bad role model.

jimmy:  And Okona thought that he was a Lt Commander?  He really doesn’t know much about Starfleet.

tomk:  Unless he was joking.  In which case, Data isn’t the least funny guy on the ship.

jimmy:  So either an unfunny joke or he’s not that bright. Neither is flattering to him.

tomk:  He’s just outrageous.  Nothing there about bright or funny.

jimmy:  Like Jem.

tomk:  Now, Jem was truly outrageous.  Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

jimmy:  How meta a joke would it have been if he had went to the holodeck?

tomk:  That would have been great for Harp Girls…unless that’s where the redhead with no lines came from.

jimmy:  Well, if she’s a harp girl, Picard has a lot of explaining to do to Moriarty.

tomk:  Maybe Teri Hatcher’s cut lines included “Show time, Synergy!”

jimmy:  Lol

tomk:  Then again, Hatcher’s scenes would have been very different if they used the regular transporter chief and had Okona romancing O’Brien instead.

Say, have we broke any records for most number of Jem references in a Star Trek discussion?

jimmy:  If we have, that’s sad. If we haven’t, that’s a different kind of sad.

And to your previous point, I could see that story happening today, but maybe not in 1988.

tomk:  Yeah, well, we’re just a pair of Misfits, and O’Brien, well, he has his own issues without the ponytail guy mackin’ on him.

jimmy:  You really want that record.

tomk:  I would, but I am all out of references.

Unless we switch to some other unrelated 80s toy line property that somehow still hasn’t gotten a reboot.

jimmy:  Nice.

I watched Jem and Bravestar many an afternoon after school.

tomk:  Maybe we were the outrageous ones.

That said, let’s not do a rewatch for them.

jimmy:  Agreed. Though they’re probably funnier than Data.

tomk:  Data is only accidentally funny. I suspect he was taking lessons because his great Holmesian analytical mind would have figured out who knocked up the princess within seconds.

jimmy:  Unless he can’t like Pulaski says.

tomk:  She’s not here, man.

jimmy:  Good.

Though I’m pretty sure we figured it out long before it was revealed.

tomk:  We’re smart people. It’s like how I guessed this Ferengi in the last DS9 episode I watched was secretly female before they told the audience.

jimmy:  So obvious.

tomk:  Sweaty Teen Boy practically had it tattooed to his forehead.

jimmy:  Right?

tomk:  And somehow I figured Okona understood birth control.

jimmy:  Or Pulaski is gonna be pretty busy in 9 months.

tomk:  Unless Troi gets pregnant again since she apparently gives birth fast.

jimmy:  Surprised he never tried to get his rogue hooks into her.

tomk:  She only has eyes for Riker, the Woke Kirk, when it comes to rogues.

jimmy:  Well, if Joe Piscepo and Whoopi Goldberg can’t teach Data comedy, he might as well give up.

tomk:  What’s odd is Trek can be very funny, like when they rescue whales or deal with tribbles, but this episode about comedy was oddly unfunny.

jimmy:  I think that was the point. Data can rehash routines or regurgitate jokes, but doesn’t really understand what makes them funny.

tomk:  But no one was really funny. And the rogue wasn’t very roguish since the worst Wesley can conclude is the guy has no one special in his life of picking up hot chicks and setting up Sweaty Teens.

jimmy:  And comedy is pretty subjective. Even if Data learned from Joe or Whoopi it wouldn’t necessarily make him funny.

tomk:  He should have just been taught that.

jimmy:  Just think about what he’s mostly doing: asking a computer to teach him what is funny. That would be a difficult task for a person that understands humor, let alone a machine already less humorous than Data.

tomk:  Guinan could have told him.

jimmy:  You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

tomk:  Yes, but we’ve already proven ourselves to be smarter than these people.

So, do we have anything else to prove here, Jimmy?

jimmy:  We may not.

tomk:  Ready to go then?

jimmy:  Say goodbye, Tom.

tomk:  Goodbye Tom.

Show’s over, Synergy.


Next:  “Loud as a Whisper”

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