The Legend Of Korra Book One “Chapter Ten: Turning The Tides”

You know, I get that the Equalists are, for the most part, just standard cartoon villains, but…do they have a plan for Republic City after they take over?  I mean, Amon doesn’t seem like the benevolent ruler type, but I am a bit curious right about now.

Oh, and he’s finally attacking the city.

Yeah, maybe I should have suspected as much when Amon caught Tarrlok and took the councilman’s bending away, but he isn’t stopping there.  He and his people are out catching all the other members of the council, and Tenzin is the only one to get away, effectively making him de facto ruler of Republic City.  He sends out an SOS just in time for the incoming airships to block all outgoing transmissions.

Yes, they have airships.

They have more of those mech suits too.  These new ones come with magnets, perfect for grabbing metalbending cops in their armor.  If only a quartet of brave teenagers in a fast car could show up to help, even if one of them is mad at her boyfriend for possibly having feelings for Korra!

Yeah, Bolin talks too much.  Mako’s in the polar bear-doghouse.  To Asami’s credit, she isn’t taking anything out on Korra.  She still likes Korra.  Good.  Asami has a good head on her shoulders.

She probably also takes out more Equalists than the three benders, even if they only manage to rescue Tenzin and no one else.

Then again, Beifong was left alone to defend Air Temple Island just as Pemma goes into labor.  She does get an assist from Tenzin’s kids, and that’s probably embarrassing for adults on either side of the fight.

Point is, Pemma does give birth to a fourth baby (another son), and there’s still more airships coming.  Even with the Avatar, the group is clearly outnumbered and has to make a run for it.  That means splitting up:  Tenzin, his family, and Beifong flee on some Air Bisons while Korra, Bolin, Asami, and Mako jump on Naga’s back and the big beast swims away, with a waterbent airbubble around the group so they can stay submerged.

And then Beifong does something awesome, but she’s Toph’s daughter so of course she did something awesome.  She gets a jump onto the nearest of two airships and metalbends the balloon part open, then starts to do the same to the other before being caught.  And yes, Amon took her bending away, but she more or less knew that was going to happen.

Well, anything else to stop these doofuses?  I mean, Korra probably has to, but something awesome showing up right now would be good.

How about a naval fleet?  From the United Forces?  The guys Tenzin called?

And their leader is a young man named…General Iroh.

OK, you’ve still got my attention.

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