Doctor Who “Delta And The Bannermen Part 2”

There are two CIA agents hanging around Wales looking for a lost satellite.  I have no idea what they are doing here, but it might add into something in the third and final part of this serial.

Plus, you know, there’s a beekeeper.

Yeah, why do is suspect the beekeeper is going to be instrumental to saving the day this time around?  He seems rather amiable and unflappable, and even as oddballs and weirdos come by (like the two CIA guys, one of whom is decked out in Yankees paraphernalia), he doesn’t seem too worried about bright lights in the sky because the bees tell him things.

There are things people need to know, too.  Sure, the Doctor and Ray survive the space assassin when he suddenly explodes (the Bannermen did something, those dicks!), and Mel calmed down when she saw it was just a green baby that quickly grows into a green toddler…heck, Billy isn’t put off by the truth either.

So, now it’s up to the Doctor to save the day.  First step: get everyone out of the holiday camp.  That means all the camp employees are sent away once the owner is convinced that the Doctor is telling the truth about alien invaders, a simple enough task if you take the guy inside the TARDIS, and then tell the alien tourists who know all about the Bannermen and opt to get the hell out of there.

Good news, bad news time.  While the camp employees’ bus leaves without a problem, the tourists all die when the Bannermen disintegrate the bus and take Mel and the camp owner hostage.  Mel tried lying about the queen.  That didn’t work.

Billy took Delta on a picnic which is nice because a lot of guys wouldn’t stay with a single mother.  Especially for a fast-growing, green baby.

So, with help from Ray, the Doctor gets Billy, the Queen, and the baby off to the beekeeper’s place while he goes to rescue Mel and the camp owner using…pure bluster apparently.  That just gets him captured too.

Man, this has not been a good trip for the Doctor.  Some vacation!

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