The Legend Of Korra Book One “Chapter Eight: When Extremes Meet”

You know, Asami is taking the whole “her father is an evil Equalist” thing rather well.

So, true to her word, Korra got permission for Mako, Bolin, and Asami to move to Air Temple Island, and sure, Tenzin’s kids are less than helpful while they’re trying to help, but what are you gonna do?  There are bigger problems.

Like how the new police chief Saikhan says he going to defer to Tarrlok on all matters involving the Equalists.  Oh, and Tarrlok decided to put out a curfew for all non-benders in the city.  I’d point out that actions like that is only going to drive more people to the Equalists, but Korra makes that same point later in the episode so I won’t bother.

Besides, Tarrlok is very rude to Korra and Tenzin.  Especially Tenzin but especially Korra.

So, the only thing to do is be all about the whole “Avatars stand for balance” thing and form a new Team Avatar with Bolin, Mako, and Asami.  Sure, Tenzin suggests trying to ask one of her past lives, and she’s still seeing visions of Aang, but it doesn’t quite make sense yet.  Point is, the four can go out, and Korra’s name does not lead itself to a cool nickname for me like Aang Gang.  What do I call them?  Korra’s Corps?

Well, maybe.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.  All I know is, since four is too many to ride on Naga, they need something else.  And Asami does have access to a cool car with a police scanner.  She also got one of those Equalist electro-gloves so she can help out when they find some baddies.

And then they foil an Equalist jailbreak!  Man, that Tarrlok sure is pissed now!  He wasn’t doing a dang thing to help, and all he can complain about is damage to the roads.  Well, shoot.  This might be easy after all when the worst that happens is Asami casts a raised eyebrow in the direction of Mako and Korra.

Again, cultural osmosis told me who Korra ended up with, so I choose to interpret that moment a little differently than originally intended.

Well, if all this is going well, how can it go badly?  Tarrlok warns the kids not to go play vigilante again.  There must be something that would go wrong…

Sure.  The following night, the scanner says there’s an Equalist mob doing stuff, but it’s really a lot of non-benders out protesting the curfew and the fact the city shut their power off.

And these folks aren’t Equalists since they asked Korra for help!

And Tarrlok decides to arrest ’em all and put ’em in processing camps without due process!

And then he arrests Asami for breaking curfew!

And then he arrests Mako for trying to stick up for Asami!

And then he arrests Bolin for…being Mako’s brother, I guess?  Bolin didn’t really do anything.

Korra, she tries, but quickly backs down since she is way outnumbered amidst the threat of holding her friends even longer than indefinitely.


Well, she does try with Tenzin, but he just advises patience.  Korra is not good at that and goes off to talk to Tarrlok personally.

It does not go well because, well, violence erupts.

And he started it!

Korra, now, she can bull her way through his rather nasty waterbending eventually…man, he did not like being compared to Amon…but then, once he gets her somewhere where there’s no water…well, he does something.

He’s a bloodbender.  And he doesn’t have to wait for the full moon.  Korra is tied up and taken off somewhere, the rest of her team is under arrest somewhere, and this city really isn’t good for anybody.

Unless you want a cool-ass car.  They have plenty of those.

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